Nick Mask

Nick Mask was born in Georgia where he earned a B.A. in Fine Art at Berry College in 2003. Upon graduation he relocated to Bozeman, MT and has been living among us for the past 7 years. His work has been represented by Artifacts Gallery of Bozeman and he currently has work in tart at the Emerson in downtown Bozeman.
“This series of river paintings is based on my reflection of Cottonwood Creek in Bozeman, MT. I rent a cabin next to the creek where I have become interested in natural moving water and the relationships that occur between the different elements of the creek as well as the perpetual flow of the water itself. Observing the creek at night while it was snowing particularly inspired me. The snow and the limited vision of the night muffled the sounds and sights of the woods and magnified the sound and sight of the creek. These paintings are a result of this magnified night reflection.”
Check out Nick’s very original website for more paintings, illustrations and other work.