Kathy Burk

Kathy Burk first explored the fine arts in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she grew up with her father, an electrical engineer, and her mother, an acrylic and quilting artist. She attended University of Utah, Arizona State University, and University of Texas at San Antonio. Kathy graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 1991.

Throughout her college career Kathy enrolled in many fine arts and architecture courses with an emphasis in general design and spatial relationships. Strong influences come from VanGogh, Picasso, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn.

After practicing Interior Design professionally for eight years, Kathy began a small business in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Modern Relics consisted of custom furniture and lighting design, original artwork, and professional faux finishing. She continues to practice Interior Design whenever the opportunity arises.

Kathy Burk merges organic design with a mechanical style. Kathy’s artwork incorporates steel and glass while recycling found items and objects from nature. She is intrigued with the constant challenge of creating functional art and fascinated with the many properties of art glass. Nothing goes to waste and light and color are always considered.

Kathy and her family reside in Bozeman Montana where every day is an inspiration from nature.