A Metaphysical Moment With Astrologer Dawn Miller

At first glance Dawn Miller is the quintessential girl next-door- blonde, blue eyed, cheerful. She is confident, well spoken and extremely intelligent. It is difficult to put a finger on it but there is something unexpected, even a little surprising about her. A-ha, there it is. Dawn is actually quite normal. Why is that a surprise? Dawn Miller is an astrologer. Stereotypically she should be airy-fairy, way out there and full of woo-woo New Age “magic”, believing in what some may call a pseudoscience or fortune telling – following the stars to predict the future. She counters this notion with a non ‘way-out-there’ Dawn-ism, “Astrology represents our potential rather than our “fate”. The only “fate” any of us have is the fate we have created for ourselves.” Dawn peppers her speech with other such “Dawn-isms” illustrating a fascinating balance between a blind belief in and an analytical study of one of history’s oldest forms of divination. This balance makes the astrological prediction coming from Dawn not only believable but also applicable as a tool for daily living. “One of my subscribers prints my email forecast weekly onto paper that she can carry around to look at to chart the accuracy and timeliness of the forecast. When something comes up that I forecasted she lets me know right away. People are blown away by the accuracy of astrology.”

Growing up in Bozeman Dawn became captivated with Astrology at the tender age of ten with the discovery of a copy of one her mother’s books “Love Signs” by Linda Goodman. Infected by the Astrology bug she tirelessly read ephemeris’ and astrology trade magazines in her quest to master the art of casting charts. She sought out books by renowned astrological gurus like Susan Miller and Donna Cunningham. She drew up charts and marveled at their content. Dawn discovered through a combination of detailed analysis and patience that  “Every person’s chart is different, no two are alike because of the thousands of mathematical combinations as the planets move through at different times opening opportunity.” This constant change and motion in the Universe fueled Dawn’s fire for Astrology even further as she began to see it as a never-ending work of art. Seeking out local teachers on self-awakening such as Bear McKay with School of Sahaj Energy Healing and Life Coach Nancy Stetter, Dawn began to realize that a metaphysical modality was inherent inside of her all along. She began to trust her intuitive insights that she had honed as a child from her keen observance of human nature. She now uses this intuitive gift in conjunction with her astrological interpretations. “I use the cycles of the stars to get the best results for you as an individual. The power of Astrology lies in personal choice. By using Astrology for guidance one can learn to be aware of the points of power in your life now. What you perceive as an opportunity now will become one. What you perceive as an issue will become one as well.”

“I would say that I didn’t have a “big” moment, more like several gentle nudges toward Astrology as a profession. I have for a long time used Astrology for my own personal awareness of the cycles of life so it seems that everywhere I go Astrology comes up. People will often just tell me what their sign is, without my even asking them. I will be in line behind someone that is looking for a certain book on Astrology in a bookstore…that type of thing.  I started Star Watch (a weekly e-publication on Astrology) for a group of like-minded friends, and that circle has continued to grow. Friends started asking for my insight into events in their lives, and it has just continued to grow from that.” Star Watch followers now number in the hundreds with weekly readers from as far away as Australia. At some point in the future Dawn hopes to expand upon the success of Star Watch by creating a retail location that sells products related to astrology and other holistic modalities of self-discovery.
To understand how astrology might be useful as a guiding source of information Dawn shares her mini-forecast for the near future giving a general look at what is to be expected from an astrology perspective in the months ahead:

If you’ve been having relationship difficulties lately, it may interest you to know that Venus, one of the key relationship planets has been retrograde since October 8. What this means for a lot of people is challenges in their one-on-one relationships. A partner may seem to have changed their mind about a relationship, or perhaps you’ve felt that a relationship hasn’t been going in the right direction. I always encourage people to hold off on making final decisions about ending a relationship during Venus retrogrades, as they often change their mind after the retrograde period. If you’ve been feeling these challenges, you may want to wait until after November 18, when Venus turns direct before you make a final decision about key relationships.

One thing to keep in mind as we draw closer to the Holiday Season is that we are due for a Mercury retrograde from December 9-30. Mercury is the planet that relates to communications, and when in a retrograde phase communications tend to go awry. We place an order from an Internet site, and our package is mistakenly sent to another customer in a different state, we mail something to a friend and it is delayed for a week or possibly more, our cell phone dies, or our computer crashes, and the car suddenly has mechanical issues. Because Mercury also relates to commerce, sometimes the items we purchase during a retrograde tend to not work as expected or turn out to be a “lemon” in some way. I highly recommend completing your shopping and shipping as early as possible this year.
To learn more about Dawn Miller’s work as an astrologer and to subscribe to Star Watch please email Dawn at SolarLunarG@aol.com.

Kathleen Johns is a Bozeman Holistic Advisor and Psychic with a desire to bring Bozeman’s metaphysical/holistic community into the spotlight monthly with her column “Metaphysical Moment”. Kathleen can be contacted at Kathleen@KathleenJohns.com