Beautiful Healthy Skin: Love the Skin You’re In

Every woman wants beautiful healthy skin: ageless, flawless, radiant skin to perfection. Is great skin something we are all born with, or does it like everything else in life, require work? There are some who seem to have flawless skin with very little effort on their part…while others have to endure a daily, time consuming cleansing regimen with step one, step two, and step three facial products in order to have that clear smooth trouble free skin.

Besides feeling good about yourself, does having Beautiful Healthy Skin build confidence and boost self esteem? Acquiring beautiful skin isn’t just a gender concern anymore, but young teens are just as much concerned with beautiful healthy skin as women are. And it even crosses the minds of men a time or two. Severe acne problems, brutal razor bumps, or acute blemishes can lead to a lack of confidence, low self esteem, and a diminished social life. Definitely yes, a certain amount of confidence and elevated self esteem comes with feeling good about your appearance in regards to the flawlessness of your skin!

Love the skin you’re in…what a great concept! Beautiful Healthy Skin begins with whether or not you can accept “who you are,” “what you are,” and “how you are.” Often times when an individual isn’t happy about his/her looks, he/she usually find fault with parents or others. But accepting yourself as a masterpiece creation allows you to love the skin you’re in and motivates you to only build upon the beauty already there.
In mammals, the skin is the largest organ (a collection of tissue joined in structural unit to serve a common function) of the integumentary system (the organ system which protects the body from damage.) There are several layers, and its purpose is to safeguard muscles, bones, ligaments, and internal organs. The three primary layers of skin are: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

Do we often take our skin for granted? Do we only give credence to the importance of our skin only when we ‘see’ evidence of a skin problem or abnormality? The break down of the skin is a sure indication that the internal organs have been left defenseless! There are seven performance functions of the skin, and each one is as equally vital to the body and internal organs…

As part of the immune system, the skin is the body’s first defense as a barrier or protector against external environmental pathogens of diseases and infections.

Nerve endings are contained within the skin to warn the body with sensations of potential harm which can be caused by heat or cold exposure, pressure, vibration, or tissue injury.

The skin regulates the body’s heat by increasing perfusion to cool the body down. It then constricts blood vessels to reduce blood flow in order to conserve heat. Hint perspiration during an aerobic workout when the body temperature becomes elevated.

The skin also provides a dry shield as a barrier to prevent fluid loss, thereby controlling evaporation.
Contained within the skin are storage units which stores and synthesizes lipids (fats and oils) and water.
Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide can be absorbed into the body through the skin. Although it is said that the skin of humans do not act as a respiratory organ, meaning we are not among the mammals who are able to absorb oxygen through the epidermis.

To prevent essential nutrients from being washed out of the body, the skin also acts as a water barrier making it water resistant.

Beautiful Healthy Skin, at its very minimal efforts, thrives on these three things: an enriched supply of oxygenated blood, steady wholesome nutrients based on variety, and a lifestyle based on stress free invigorating activities. These three things alone can promote gorgeous nourishing skin. But for the more serious at heart, a little extra can offer stunning results; which if practiced earlier on in life can also benefit the skin during the aging process. An adaptation from “50 Ways to Pamper Yourself” by Stephanie Tourles – Storey Books, 1999, suggests a 5 Step Regimen to help improve and maintain ageless, flawless, radiant skin to perfection…

Contrary to popular practices…the skin needs to be Cleansed daily, preferably twice a day! Toxins are excreted through the pores of the skin, and when daily cleansing do not occur, toxic waste matter builds up, clogging the pores and thereby damaging the skin. The use of a mild natural cleanser is more beneficial…and always remove make up before retiring for the evening!

Sleep deprivation can take its toll on the human skin. Beautiful Healthy Skin requires adequate Sleep in order to rejuvenate itself. A constant lack of sleep produces tired, dull and sunken looking unattractive skin.
As previously mentioned, beautiful skin thrives off of an enriched supply of oxygenated blood and invigorating activities; therefore outdoors cardio exercise supplies the skin with sufficient oxygen flow to help keep it fresh looking and full of vitality!

Essential to healthy bones and skin is Vitamin D, and the superior source of Vitamin D comes from mild exposure to Sunlight. With the skin’s ability to convert the sun’s rays into Vitamin D, it aids itself in the absorption of calcium for stronger bones and resilient skin.

Dull, blemished and wrinkled dry skin can also be caused by a lack of water. Hydration is very important to the body! The normal process of elimination is dependant very much upon a well lubricated and hydrated system. When the elimination process is slowed down due to dehydration and food overload, the body will seek to rid itself of toxins through alternative routes…namely the skin, which then exposes the skin to all manner of impurities. Water is also a natural moisturizer for the skin, pure uncontaminated water. Tap water containing chemicals defeats the purpose of Beautiful Healthy Skin.

At no time should harmful cosmetic alternatives be considered for Beautiful Healthy Skin outside of the basic suggestive 5 Step Regimen. For even better results, include practices such as eating a healthy diet of natural foods and adding oils and nutrients to your diet such as Vitamin E, Omega Fatty-acids, Evening Prim Rose (for females), Flax Seed Oil, Olive Oil, and Eucalyptus Oil (topical). Loving the skin you’re in “how you are” begins with taking control over what “you” put into “you!” A homemade mushroom oatmeal burger vs. a greasy beef burger goes without comparison. Think of it this way: if you had a choice as to which you would prefer to wear on your face for the rest of your life, what would it be? Because this is exactly what happens…we wear the foods we consume on our bodies every single day! Love the skin you’re in!

Ms. Šahíyena Cheyenne has been a freelance writer since 1989. Her articles have appeared in several local Montana Publications. She has training as a Basic EMT, a CNA, and basic training in Health & Nutrition as a Certified Active Older Adult Strength Trainer and Fitness Instructor with the Y MCA of the U.S.A. and as a Certified Personal Trainer with the Linda Evans Fitness Center. She can be contacted at