The Hive Art Show

The Hive is a group art show that will be taking place at the newly renovated Foundry, starting on May 9th at 6pm. There will be a variety of works shown, ranging from video installation, mixed media, illustration to sculpture and photography. This show is an amalgamation of the inspiration and vision of several local Bozeman artists who bring with them their diverse backgrounds
and skills.

The basement of the Foundry will be transformed into a screening space for a one night only showing of a new video installation by filmmaker Vandana Sood-Giddings. This piece focuses on concepts around new life, the postpartum space and Buddhist and Hindu notions around ‘Samasara’ or ‘Maya’ –the illusionary world we occupy.

The main gallery will feature works from Michelle Hall, Heather Wagner, Shane Johnson, Zach Hoffman, Louis Still Smoking, Emma Laatsch, Anica Lees and Brandon Olterman. MSU visiting artist Zach Hoffman will be presenting a series of Gelatin prints about actions, desires, memory and imagination and if they can be translated into binary language. Mixed-media artist Shane Johnson will be presenting a new series based on collages coupled with digital sound bites portraying a childs’ perspective of the future.

The Foundry members are innovative, creative, and bold! They are multi-talented artists, creators, and thinkers that come together to support each other’s projects, create new ones, and find reprieve from the isolation many artists and small business owners experience working alone. The crew at The Foundry includes people versed in graphic design, photography, art, painting, web development, marketing, social media, architecture, and screen-printing. In addition to space for creating, The Foundry features a retail and gallery component where the public can purchase art and other hand-crafted goods. Each month with feature new work by upcoming local artists.

This space and organization is a testimony to the innovation and development that Bozeman is witnessing nowadays. Follow The Foundry on Facebook to stay up on the latest events.

Come stop by at The Hive Art Show on May 9th to support and witness some incredible local talent.  Doors open at 6pm at the beautiful Foundry Space on 16 South Tracy Avenue. Shane Johnson aka Onomono will be spinning some tunes along with and a special guest DJ. You don’t want to miss it so mark your calendars!