December Cover Artist: David Janssen

David Janssen is a Bozeman resident who immerses himself in a variety of creative endeavors stemming from his love for the outdoors and fascination with the human connection to the environment. Born and raised in Lakewood, CO, he moved to Montana and graduated from MSU with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Aside from professional work, he spends free time studying and testing ideas on nutrition, exercise, and human biology while incorporating an ambition to experience the incredible region we live in.

“Through my many years of exploration I have seen so many beautiful areas, and the ones that stand out the most are those that have been kept the most wild and free from human development. I feel that when visiting these places we are able to gain a deeper sense of self-awareness by removing society’s distractions and getting back to what we really are, an organism functioning in terms of the whole environment, with the whole environment. (Alan Watts reference)

With self-awareness comes insight into our own abilities and passions, and we are then able to make the most of what time we have left in life. In return, I believe we must respect the wild places in nature with leave-no-trace ethics; to protect and preserve so that the next visitor may gain as much value as the first.“

David continues to develop his passion for photography as a tool to share moments of inspiration as well as visual creations composed through speculation and observation. He shares much of his work on Instagram (username: @gnarangutang) and other social media sites, but also creates homemade framed prints using his photographs. Look for these around town and visit him online at or