A Winter’s Madrigal - ONE WEEKEND ONLY!

Just imagine… A room dimly lit by candles and sparkling lights on a Christmas tree forest. Music begins and glittering fairies swirl out from pines to dance around guests’ tables bringing magic to awake an old castle asleep for hundreds of years. Welcome to Kaleidoscope Youth Theater’s, “A Winter’s Madrigal,” a traditional medieval English feast set inside a fanciful theater production. As time rewinds, royal hunters set forth to hunt the boar for the feast, followed by plucky village children imagining a way into the castle too. When two capering jesters arrive, the gates open and guests are invited into the rich banqueting hall to dine with King Fredrick’s royal court waited on by musical maids serving a hearty family-style feast. Entertaining jesters, a masked Christmas story play, and joyous madrigal carols bring to life the warm holiday spirit of ages past for guests young and old.

Tickets are reserved seating by dinner table. Tables sit up to 8 guests unless special arrangements have been made. Tickets may be purchased at the Kaleidoscope Playhouse 1602 W Beall (behind Hastings Shopping Center) OR by calling the theater at 406-587-3642 OR online at: www.kytbozeman.org/awintersmadrigal