I’m neither a Montana native, nor am I a regular patron who bellies up to the bar rail at, “Pour House Bar & Grill,” or as the locals call it, “PH.” I’m just a small, Indiana town gal who’s recently relocated to Bozeman, and no matter where I reside, I’m always in search of the best of the best when it comes to great food and drink. If you asked me what my favorite typical bar fare is, I’d have to say chicken wings, and I truly appreciate the make of a great, meaty chicken wing. So when I got wind that the wings at PH were touted as, “Best Wings in Bozeman,” I just had to go and find out for myself. The verdict: These chicken wings are about as legit as wings get, and all the places I’ve tried thus far in this hip and funky town, PH tops the list for not only taste, but also for affordability and variety.

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