Power Animal Guided Meditation

Many cultures believe that humans have connections with animals. In these traditions there are ceremonial expeditions into the body and the mind that can lead to the discovery of strengths and deeper self connection. The power animal meditation blends the traditions of guided mediation with therapeutic body awareness to take you on a meaningful passage into the aspects of the subconscious, nervous system, and emotional centers while connecting you to your power animal. The process can help you connect with: Inner strength Empowerment Self-confidence Body awareness Emotional landscape and intuition The meditation was created by a clinical mental health therapist and is designed to be accessible for all student levels. If you are interested in learning how to meditate this is a great place to start. This meditation was originally developed for use with active duty military, first responders, trauma survivors as a way to connect with inner strenght, increase body awareness and feel empowered. This meditation has also been used with Phd students, CEOs and professional athletes. Research indicates that meditation can reduce anxiety, depression and stabilize moods with mindfulness techniques. Meditation can also help create connection with the body and produce more body awareness and emotional awareness. Join us and find your power animal. Event will be held at Gallatin Valley Martial Arts.

Cost: $10

Age: 18+


Thu. Sep. 19   7:15-8:15pm

For More Information
 (406) 600-4484

Gallatin Valley Martial Arts
146 Village Center Way
Bozeman, MT 59718