Symposium on Alcoholism and AA

Bozeman September 23, 2019
Bozeman will be holding their session at Bozeman September 23, 2019
3:00 pm
The Fellowship Hall
2165 Durston Rd.
Bozeman, MT

Christine Carpenter is an attorney who served as a judge on the Boon County Adult Drug Court for over 15 years, which is where she first became involved with A.A. “Although I had some idea of the mission of A.A., I learned more about the Fellowship as I worked with addiction, alcoholism and treatment professionals,” she says. “My interest in A.A. grew as I got more educated about the difference between treatment and support groups, including the concept of anonymity.”

Carpenter continues: “One reason I got interested in being a Class A trustee is because I can help bridge the gap between the A.A. community and the court, to help alcoholics in a way that is therapeutic and not strictly punitive. So, I do feel that a more nuanced view of A.A. would be valuable among legal profession- als. Announcing in court that you are going to A.A. for the pur- poses of trying to influence the court doesn’t best serve the needs of an alcoholic.”

Nancy McCarthy has served in various positions with the Missouri Department of Corrections, Division of Probation and Parole, assisting with numerous drug and alcohol programs. She says: “I have worked within the Corrections field for 32 years and fully understand Corrections cannot do this work alone. We need the help and assistance of others.”

Currently serving as the Missouri Regional Administrator responsible for the supervision of 18,500 offenders, Nancy con- tinues teaching what she has learned about the value of A.A. and the role it can play in the recovery of the many alcoholics in the correctional system. “I hope to help corrections profession- als understand how A.A. can help their clients achieve and sus- tain sobriety,” she explains. “We have incorporated A.A. into the training for new probation and parole officers. Members of the Fellowship outline for staff the tenets of A.A., including what the Steps are, what types of meetings there are, as well as telling their stories. This has allowed staff to understand sobriety from those who have walked in their shoes.”


Mon. Sep. 23   3pm

The Fellowship Hall
2165 Durston Rd.
Bozeman, MT 59715