Improv on the Verge CANCELED

The Verge's amazing improvisers will help you put years back on your life. Your abs will be rock hard from laughing! AND you'll be promoted at work (the kind of promotion that comes with a living wage and awesome benefits, not just more responsibility!) (OMG that still exists?!?!). What are you waiting for?

$9 per ticket, or email to volunteer and get in for free!

Cost: $9

Age: 17+


Mon. Sep. 23   7-9pm

Mon. Oct. 7   7-9pm

Mon. Oct. 21   7-9pm

Mon. Nov. 4   7-9pm

Mon. Nov. 18   7-9pm

Mon. Dec. 2   7-9pm

Mon. Dec. 16   7-9pm

Mon. Jan. 6   7-9pm

Mon. Jan. 20   7-9pm

Mon. Feb. 3   7-9pm

Mon. Feb. 17   7-9pm

Mon. Mar. 2   7-9pm

Mon. Apr. 13   7-9pm

Mon. Apr. 27   7-9pm

Mon. May. 11   7-9pm

Mon. May. 25   7-9pm

Mon. Jun. 8   7-9pm

Mon. Jun. 22   7-9pm

Verge Theater
2304 N. 7th Ave
Bozeman, MT 59715
(406) 587-0737