Southside Saturdays

Bozemanites are known for getting outside and exploring, leaving no stone unturned in our search for adventure. But in this quest for a great hike, run, or ride, we often turn our gaze to the mountains and rivers far from town, overlooking
 the ground beneath our feet.

Did you know there are nine full 
miles of trails on Bozeman’s south
side, between Kagy and
 Goldenstein? Venture even further,
and connect 50 miles of trails
between Main Street and the 
national-forest boundary south of
town. These trails pass through open fields, aspen and cottonwood groves, gurgling streams, and serene ponds. Wildlife abounds. So why not give the gas-guzzling vehicle a break and have an outdoor adventure right in Bozeman’s back yard?

With this in mind, Outside Bozeman and Sola Café introduce Southside Saturdays, a springtime trail celebration to benefit the Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT), the local organization that develops these trails and the rest of Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains trail system.

To participate, take your enthusiastic, hungry selves to Sola Café any Saturday from May 10 through June 28 and fuel up for your trail adventure. With each locally sourced, delicious Sola meal purchased on a Southside Saturday, Sola will donate $1 to GVLT. All qualifying purchases are entered in a raffle to win a $100 Sola gift card.
After eating your fill, hit one of the southside trails. Snap a picture with your copy of Outside Bozeman, send it over, and O/B will donate $1 for each picture received. Make the picture good (read: creative and/or goofy)—best photo wins a prize from our legendary Treasure Chest.

“Every dollar raised through this event goes right into GVLT’s community trails program,” says GVLT’s executive director, Penelope Pierce, “helping us expand trails and maintain our existing network, letting everyone enjoy the best of Bozeman.”
The event officially kicks off at Sola Café on May 10 at 10am, with complimentary beverages and snacks, trail maps, and prizes until 2pm. Kids can pet the goats from Amaltheia Dairy while adults enjoy frosty après-trail beverages from Red Lodge Ales.

Southside Saturdays continue every week until the end of June. So get outside and hike, run, or ride the south side!