Visions West Gallery presents We Are All Connected an exhibition of new work by Rocky Hawkins

Visions West Gallery presents We Are All Connected an exhibition of new work by Rocky Hawkins. The exhibition will be displayed at Visions West Gallery in Bozeman from June 13th to July 9th, 2014. There will be a reception on the evening of the Art Walk on June 13th at 6:00 P.M. and Rocky Hawkins will be in attendance.

Inspired by a life-long fascination with both our own planet and the universe, Hawkins explores the wonders of the world through bold abstract expressionist pieces with the idea that we are all connected; our lives are defined by our relationship to each other and our environment. Hawkins says, “I have painted this series, which connects the many different elements and aspects of life to bring awareness to the subject: We Are All Connected! We are made of stardust from billions and billions of stars in the ocean of space and time. We need to see ourselves as one and unite to help solve the critical problems that our Earth is facing at this time. The complexity of the universe is beyond our grasp of understanding, but in time with the desire to educate ourselves and each other we can restore our planet Earth to its wondrous origins. The tiny pale blue dot, our planet Earth, is located in the vast cosmos of space. Its survival rests in our hands!”

A Montana based artist with a strong connection to the vast landscape of the West, Hawkins wants to speak about our environment and how it is particularly relevant and increasingly in peril. His unique vocabulary combines many shapes and forms that he hopes will bring beauty into viewers lives, but also make them think about our precious planet.

Embracing the mystery inherent in life, Hawkins pushes any boundary he encounters through his art. His vibrant palette is matched by expressive brushwork and his subject matter evolves from one painting to the next. The universe is his Oyster.

For more information visit or call 406.522.9946. Visions West Gallery is located at 34 West Main Street in Bozeman, MT and is open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM.