2018 Yellowstone Ski Festival Conditions

The 2018 Yellowstone Ski Festival begins next Tuesday. There have been many inquiries about the conditions on the Rendezvous Ski Trails here in West Yellowstone. As of today, the trails have been rolled and finished. We have not groomed, but skier activity on the trails has helped to compact the snow, resulting in faster, early-season conditions. Reports from skiers indicate the skating “good” and classic is “fair.”

Nighttime temperatures hover around zero degrees and often dip down to several degrees below zero. The low last night was -15ºF. Daytime temperatures are also working in our favor, rarely reaching above the freezing mark. These low temperatures help maintain the snow levels. 

Snow conditions are early season with cold, fast powder covering the trails. All trails except Windy Ridge are rolled and skiable. 

Area trails, including the Riverside, Boundary, and Frontier Trails, are all in skiable condition.
If necessary, there is plenty of snow on the secondary venue of the South Plateau. In the event that the snow on the Rendezvous Trails melts out, there will be skiing on the South Plateau. However, at this time, our focus remains on the Rendezvous Trails. The next pulse of moisture is predicted for Thursday night into Friday morning. We will post more information following the result of that potential storm.

We are looking forward to another exciting, fun-filled week. The evening activities at the Holiday Inn offer something for everyone. For more information and up-to-date reports, like our Facebook page, Rendezvous SkiTrails, and bookmark www.SkiRunBikeMT.com.