BBPW Equal Pay Day Campaign for Equal Work on April 1st and 2nd, 2019

Join Bozeman Business and Professional Women, community leaders, and all those dedicated to economic fairness and gender wage equity at the Bozeman City Commission Meeting on Monday, April 1st, as we commemorate our Equal Pay for Equal Work Resolution in recognition of National Equal Pay Day!  Tuesday, April 2, 2019, is Equal Pay Day, the date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year.  Women need to work an extra 3 months a year to earn what men earn in 1 year.

What:  Bozeman City Commission MeetingWhen:  Monday, April 1st, 6:00PMWhere:  Bozeman City Commission’s Chambers, 121 N. RouseWhy:  To advance economic fairness for women, families and our community by closing the gender wage gap.

The Equal Pay for Equal Work Resolution (attached) encourages the City Commission to:1) recognize Equal Pay Day each year,2) lead by example by expanding their own wage data collection so as to facilitate analysis of wages by gender to assess whether gender-based compensation disparities (wage gaps) exist within City occupations, as was accomplished by the recent Montana State Employee Pay Equity conducted by the executive branch of the State of Montana,3) and to partner with the community to adopt measures to identify and close the gender wage gap among their work forces.



The Equal Pay for Equal Work Campaign is an important opportunity to increase economic fairness and opportunities in our community.  Following the lead of Montana Governor Bullock, who created a Montana Statewide Task Force on Equal Pay for Equal Work in 2013, BBPW has been working to educate our local community and close the gender wage gap with Equal Pay Day community events like the Equal Pay Day Discount Campaign, where 12 local businesses (attached) will be giving women 20% off select products and services on April 2nd.  While we are aware this will not make a dent in annual pay discrepancies, we are happy the community is pulling together to raise awareness of this important issue.


The mission of the Bozeman BPW Legislative Committee Campaign for Equal

Pay for Equal Work is to strengthen Bozeman’s working families and open better opportunities for women in the workforce by continuing the partnership of the Bozeman City Commission to address gender wage gaps.  We are celebrating the fact that the Commission has adopted the Equal Pay for Equal Work Resolution in order to lead by example and to encourage citizens, businesses, and organizations in our community to adopt measures that work to close the gender wage gap.


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