Examsnap Highlights: Top 6 Reasons for CompTIA Security+ Popularity among Security Professionals

Cybersecurity challenges are consistently appearing in organizations. Therefore, there is a high demand for the professionals who have the capability to mitigate these threats and attacks. There are numerous job titles coming up on a regular basis in the field of IT. They are a penetration tester, a cybersecurity analyst, and an ethical hacker. These jobs were not popular some time ago, but today, they have taken the top place. Besides, even more professions will be created as time goes on.

What is the implication of this?There will be continuous demand for security experts in the world of IT. This potential has given rise to the development of certification contents by institutions and organizations. These credentials are designed to validate the skills, knowledge, and experience of professionals in cybersecurity. One of these certifications is CompTIA Security+. To earn this credential or any other cybersecurity certificates, the candidates are expected to go through an exam process to prove their knowledge and skills on specific contents.

Your ability to pass the test shows that you have what it takes to perform optimally in a job role meant for a Security+ certified professional. To pass the exam, there are some recommended study tools that you need to use. Examsnap offers some unique and highly relevant materials that will ensure your success in the exam. You should check the website to find the practice tests and guides for your specific exam.

Reasons for the Popularity of CompTIA Security+ Certification
As mentioned earlier, there are many certification providers that offer security credentials for the professionals in the field of IT. However, Security+ has remained the most pursued one among all the others. Of course, there must be some reasons for that. Examsnap has done some research and gathered some of the top reasons why the security professionals choose CompTIA Security+ over many other certificates. Let’s explainit in detail.

CompTIA Security+ is the industry standard
The CompTIA Security+ certification is considered the standard for all cybersecurity credentials across the world. It is approved by ANSI and it is intended to validate the ability of a candidate to use the knowledge and skills required to be ISO 17024 standard compliant. In other words, having this credential in your resume indicates that you have the skills, knowledge and the integrity required to perform some security tasks in any situation. The exam involves performance-based questions, which stands it out among the rest.

CompTIA Security+ doesn’t require any prerequisites
The credential is entry-level, which means you don’t need to have many years of experience in the industry before you pursue it. The implication of this is that wherever you are in your career, you can pursue the Security+ certification. This is why many professionals in other industries who want to work in cybersecurity consider it as the first certificate to choose.

There are no compulsory requirements for the certification test. The only recommendation is that individuals taking the exam should have at least two-year working experience in the fields of networking and security to enhance their success. If you managed to earn the CompTIA Network+ certificate, this will also be a great advantage. However, if you don’t have the experience, you can still attain the desired score. All you need is to take a training course and practice questions to prepare for the exam. Examsnap can help you in this regard.

CompTIA Security+ is a vendor-neutral certification
This is one of the major reasons why it is popular among security experts. Irrespective of the products you want to specialize in, the CompTIA Security+ certificate will be suitable. The credential is not restricted to any specific technology or any specific vendor’s security. It covers the general fundamentals and components of the cybersecurity field. The knowledge and skills learnt during the certification process make you marketable in any area of cybersecurity.

CompTIA Security+ offers huge career opportunities
The specialists with expertise and credentials in the field of cybersecurity are very much in demand by private and public organizations. The CompTIA Security+ certificate offers you an advantage. It allows you to take up network and security administration job roles in any organization. You can choose from a wide range of positions. Some professional areas you can fit in with your Security+ certification include Access Control and Identity Management, Compliance and Operational Security, Threats and Vulnerabilities, Cryptography, and Data Security.

CompTIA Security+ offers great income potentials
The professionals with this certification have better earning power than their non-certified counterpart. Working as a network engineer, and the individual with the CompTIA Security+ credential can earn an average annual salary of $42,140 and $95,840. A certified professional who also possesses some years of experience can get $66,895 annually. It is essential to point out that the salary of an individual is dependent on many factors other than the credential. However, the certification plays a significant role in higher income potential.

CompTIA Security+ provides an opportunity to work in Government Agencies
If you want to explore a career in networking or cybersecurity in government agencies, the Security+ credential will pave way for you. This is because it meets the standard of U.S DoD 8570,which is a prerequisite for both Management Level One and Technical Level Two positions.

The CompTIA Security+ certification has many advantages. If you are just a newbie in the field of IT and desire to succeed in cybersecurity, this credential is a good way to launch your career. When it comes to your SY0-501 exam preparation, you can find a lot of resources on Examsnap. You can explore training courses, practice tests, exam dumps, and a host of other tools to help you make the best of your learning.When you finally earned your credential, you can move higher and set new goals.