Why Montana May Be A Budding Travel Hotspot

Many people traveling to the U.S. dismiss Montana as a potential tourism destination. However, trends in tourism come and go, and this state has some unique opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere, so it certainly should not be forgotten. And given some of the attractions listed below - some established, some new, and some just waiting to be noticed by the masses - we wouldn't bet against Montana becoming something of a tourism hotspot in the next decade or so. 

Montana Is Rich In Culture And History

Montana is home to several sites that capture American history in ways that other attractions don't exactly do. For instance, one of the top historical monuments to visit in the state is the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, which commemorates Native American tribes defeating U.S. troops. Other fascinating historical stops are in the famous "ghost towns," or preserved towns from the Old West that are no longer operational or inhabited, but provide fascinating snapshots of the past. Now, these aren't new attractions - but as some other aspects of the state draw in new tourists, these attractions are just waiting to keep them occupied and interested.

Montana Is Home To Glacier National Park

National parks have always been Montana’s tourism highlights, but that doesn’t mean they will ever become less fascinating. In fact there's an argument to be made that as climate change becomes a bigger issue and environmental preservation efforts intensify, such parks will be valued even more as destinations. Glacier National Park, known as the "Crown of the Continent," sits in the northwest corner of the state. And no matter what level of adventure any tourist may be seeking, the park will have something to offer. For those who want to get up close to some massive ice formations, day hikes on the Many Glacier trail will be amazing; those who would prefer to drive through the park than get sweaty on a hike can enjoy the picturesque Going-to-the-Sun Road, either in their own cars or via the park's shuttle service. There are plenty of fun options, all revolving around natural beauty that's going to be easier and easier to appreciate. 

Sports Betting Is Now Legal In Montana

Along with a few other states in the U.S., Montana has recently decided to make sports betting legal. It was actually the first state to legalize the activity in the current year, possibly setting a precedent for followers. This will inevitably make watching sports more interesting in Montana, whether it's live on the field or in a local sports bar, and until betting is widespread it could be a tourist draw in and of itself. Some countries like the UK have long-established internet betting traditions and provide free online options for new players, which is how a lot of Americans will envision sports betting working. However, as a new member of the sports-betting community, Montana will be keeping its betting to the physical realm (for now). If anything though, this may only mean the emergence of new, fun venues showcasing sports, serving food, and taking bets. 

Montana Is Filled With Natural Spas

One of the best things about going on vacation is taking time to relax and refresh. Montana is a great place for this, with its wide variety of hot springs that are said to have healing properties thanks to their naturally-occurring mineral content. Although they may not date back quite as far, these spas are similar attractions to those in popular European destinations like Budapest or Seville. They exist in a variety of venues; some have been renovated into contemporary tiled pools with luxury spa facilities built around them, while others are still untouched pools in the earth. Both options are just waiting to be enjoyed by a potential influx of tourists looking for things like untouched natural splendor or gambling activity. 

Some of these attractions and activities will be familiar to Montana residents, and some have been around for quite some time. But between established draws and those that may become more popular in time, these are a few of the things that could serve a more active tourism industry in the near future.