Saffron Table

Saffron Table is your destination for mouthwatering fare from the diverse cuisine of South Asia. Our table offers an assortment of locally sourced vegetables, meats and fishes cooked in aromatic spices to awaken the senses and transport you to this exotic part of the world. From fresh biryanis and steaming curries to beloved street fare of samosas and pakoras, the Saffron Table invites you to take a seat and enter a new world of tastes and sensations that will keep you coming back for more.

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 (406) 586-0800

1511 West Babcock Street, Suite A
Bozeman, MT 58715




I've always had good experiences at Saffron Table. The food is fantastic and the service is way superior to other restaurants in town. The atmosphere is cozy as it is in what looks like an old farmhouse. The only thing negative about it is that I've heard from a former employee that they do not pay their staff fairly.


Love the atmosphere, the food, and the service. I also appreciate seeing the owner when I frequent! They are doing it right :)


Saffron Table is a brilliance of colorful flavors from the atmosphere to the amazing food. We enjoyed all aspects of our meal from the appetizers, main course, and deserts.

Carole Baker

If you are ready for culinary adventure, Saffron Table is the place for you! Amazing food, carefully prepared and beautifully plated, is Saffron's signature. We have enjoyed every visit and always look forward to returning to a varied menu with specials based on availability of fresh local meats, fish, and produce. The ambiance is classy and warm, the staff is friendly and well versed in the cuisine and the wine list is superb. Kudos to everyone at Saffron Table. It is not to be missed.


Saffron table, what can i say, it's as though Aladdin himself stepped off the magic carpet, and stumbled into Bozeman straight from Manhattan... Manhattan, New York- that is;) From the soft, ambient lighting that greeted us outside as we found our way to the front door of the restaurant, to the simple yet elegant decor inside, the restaurant smiles with charm. Clean, and sophisticated, with only the necessities visible, (no visible signs of clutter) the restaurant gleams a dash of flair. Just enough to make you curious what's next. (Reminds me of a cute, dimpled red head with freckles. Soo sweet & tender, yet you know capable of so much more!) The knowledgeable wait staff was impressive, and by the sounds of it, well rehearsed in their delivery of the varied mixtures of magic spices & aromas. The wine pairing suggested to our table was just perfect for what we ordered & the thoughtful description of wines was delightful to listen to as the servers (Ally & Amalia) shared with us their wino fun facts. We enjoyed their personalities being showcased at the table, and so much so, that as we continued thru dinner, the girls created community by involving our neighbor table. So happens our neighbor table was from no greater magical place than, but you guessed it, Manhattan, New York. If it's good enough for a New Yorker, it's good enough, for...well, this Bozeman-ite! Cheers Saffron Table- here's to you! Lovely ambiance, excellent food, splendid experience!!! *Regena is a Contributing Writer to the Bozeman Magazine, Dining Guide. Humbly serving Bozeman & surrounding areas.