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Açaí (AH-SIGH-EE), a Brazilian super-fruit packed full of health benefits, is rapidly becoming popular throughout the world. This redish-purple berry is about an inch long and grows on Açaí palm trees deep within the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Oba Açaí is here to share this amazing fruit with you—a fruit which has been used for centuries by the Amazon’s native people. More popularly eaten in the form of a bowl, the Açaí berry pulp is blended into a thick, creamy, cold mixture, topped with our homemade granola and a variety of fresh sliced fruits. As a snack or a meal, our Açaí bowls are as filling as a meal and as healthy as you can get.

Our full range of super fruits also include, Pitaya, Acerola, Graviola, Cupuaçu, Passion Fruit (Maracujá) and Cashew (Cajú). Bringing a tasteful slice of Brazilian cuisine, along with these super fruits, create the perfect healthy, delicious, fresh juice and smoothie combinations with other well known fruits.

Oba Açaí's mission is to share the highest quality Açaí and Brazilian food experience. With our flagship store opening in Bozeman, MT, our vision is to bring this experience and the health benefits that align with our products, worldwide.

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Love this place. Delicious healthy snack