Mike Weix

Mike Weix was born in Green Bay Wisconsin on Jan 23 1958. Mike Weix is an artist and performer interested in perception and intention, expectation, chance, and beauty. Mike studied first at Montana State University and then as a graduate student, at University of California San Diego where he had the good pleasure of working with the likes of Alan Kaprow, and both David and Elenore Antin.

Mike has performed and currated performance art as part of Wild Child Productions a downtown  San Diego performance art gallery between 1990 and 1993. Mike has also been part of performance projects in New York City where he lived between 1993 and 1996. Mike’s work is hard to pin down in any particular genre exactly.
Mike Weix is perhaps best known for his wonderful paintings and wacky art projects. For instance he made a giant gingham duck for the 2009 sweetpea parade. Mike was also the bassist for the the Band Universal Triumphant (B.U.T.).

Mike is the Manager and Technical Director of The Emerson’s, Crawford Theater in Bozeman MT, where he lives with his cat. He is currently working on paintings and musical projects.