You Love Bozeman. Help Us All Thrive

Why do you live in Bozeman? Many of us have a similar answer to that question. We love it. Usually it’s because of the snow covered mountains, dense forests, and trout filled rivers that surround us. Often it is because of the sense that people here care about each other and this place we all call home. Here, the well-being of our citizens is a primary value and it’s not just talk. Bozemanites walk the walk.

But Bozeman doesn’t just “happen”. It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes efforts to make this community extraordinary. Let me tell you a little bit about our work and how it benefits all of us — even if you don’t have children.

Thrive’s Bozeman roots run deep. Over the past 26 years, we have designed five signature programs that support healthy child growth and development based on the unique climate, culture and needs of our local community. Thrive’s award winning programs are: The Parent Place in Bozeman and Belgrade, the Partnership Project, Girls for a Change, the Child Advancement Project (CAP), and the Parent Liaison Program.

The Parent Place Family Resource Centers in Bozeman and Belgrade provide information, support, and resources to all parents. We offer free playgroups, gym days, dads’ nights, a lending library, and one-on-one parenting support and resources. There are also many parenting classes offered as well as a free bimonthly newsletter, filled with helpful information and resources for parents from all walks of life.

The Partnership Project supports young families with children ages 0-5 by building on their strengths and nurturing their parenting skills from the very beginning of the parenting experience. This program is a partnership between the Gallatin County City Health Department, Gallatin Mental Health Clinic and Thrive.

Girls for a Change (GFAC) focuses on providing opportunities for girls ages 10-18 that engage them in reaching their potential while finding balance. GFAC promotes confidence and leadership through mentoring, a “by girls-for girls” local conference, team building activities, which promote physical, emotional and social development, dialogues with youth from other cultures, and community service projects.

The Child Advancement Project (CAP), one of the first school-based mentoring programs in the country, matches hundreds of community volunteers, who provide support and encouragement, with children grades K-12 in the Bozeman Public Schools. These mentors work one-on-one with children to increase academic and social competency and to enhance opportunities for academic challenge. They help students establish meaningful goals and develop a belief in their individual uniqueness and their ability to shape their own futures.

The Parent Liaison program encourages a strong link between home and school so parents and teachers become partners in children’s success. Parent Liaisons facilitate parenting classes in the school and assist families in accessing community resources.
We believe that when families are strong and children are successful, communities thrive. Everyone benefits. Our unique programs work together to create an opportunity for every child in the Gallatin Valley to be successful. So if you live here and love it, we’d like to ask you to help us keep it extraordinary.

This month, we are launching our first ever membership drive, a program designed to help sustain these proven programs with small gifts from community members. For the past 26 years, we have depended on generous large donations and grants from foundations to fund our work. This membership program is designed for those community members who want to support Thrive financially with an affordable monthly or one-time donation.

For the cost of two lattes each month, you can support strength-based programming that anticipates and prevents problems, rather than reactive efforts that can only help once a child or family is in trouble. Proactive prevention has the potential to touch youth and families at many stages of development and can impact our community by creating productive, healthy members of society. That’s why everyone benefits from our work. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you certainly appreciate hard workers, engaged citizens, and responsible parents in your community. That’s our business…strengthening the community in which we all live, by creating successful students and strong families.

Our investment in children today will pay off for all of us tomorrow. That charming little girl you just passed on the sidewalk? Well, in 2042 she’ll restart your heart. What we do for her today directly affects her future…and yours. Help us give her the best chance at success. Donate today and become a contributing member of this thriving community. Let’s all walk the walk together and keep our community extraordinary.

Visit us online at to learn more or feel free to call our office at 406-587-3840.