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Saturday September 15th was the big game for the Bobcats as Stephen F. Austin came in to Bobcat Stadium 1-1 and my prediction was they would leave 1-2. Stephen F. Austin is a Division 2 team now and they look good, they have beat teams such as Baylor and others. They are now playing division teams. They have so far played South Western Oklahoma and Southern Methodist and beat Oklahoma and lost to Southern Methodist. They were looking like just the team that Montana State could take. It was a really good game but SFA walked out of there 1-2 and the Bobcats walked out of 3-0. The Cats forced a lot of turnovers and played great offense, our defense had a little trouble preventing   the score. McGhee had just one pick, but I don’t blame him SFA, a former FBS team.

Now Homecoming vs Northern Colorado they shouldn’t be to hard to beat if we can beat Chadron, Drake and Stephen F. Austin, playing SFA was a tough game. The Bobcats have also played   Northern Colorado which the cats played unbelievable game defense; played outstanding only allowing 16 points and the offense scoring 41 points McGhee played great with passing to the right receiver, the open receiver just outstanding running by Orenzo Davis and Cody Kirk and Tray Robinson.
Now the Bobcats are 4-0, the best team in the FCS. North Dakota is number two at 3-1. The Grizzlies lost to Northern Arizona 41-31. The Cats look better this year. McGhee more relaxed in the pocket, the offensive line blocking better. I think the Cats will go to the championship, they are playing great but Northern Colorado was they’re first Big Sky game of the year.

Next we play Southern Utah, I predict that the Cats will win 38-17. Last time we played Southern Utah was in 2011, we lost 27-10. For the Southern Utah game I will be on the Bozeman magazine facebook page posting updates. Good luck to the players and good luck coaches.

Jack Thorsen is all 11 year old Bobcat blogger. He can be found on facebook and Ustream, and at all Bobcat Football games.

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Jack Thorsen is a sophomore at Bozeman High School. He is a defenseman on the Gallatin Valley Lacrosse Team, and a member of the BHS Varsity Golf Team. He has been writing for Bozeman Magazine for the past five years.

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