Fresh Eyes: Jellied Moose Nose

Lara Wisniewski

Montana’s homesteading women of 1834 were not thinking about rice noodles. Their kitchens were determined by whatever they or their husbands brought home from the hunt. Hence, Jellied Moose Nose has an honest place in the history of Montana cuisine. If you could kill a moose, its nose was yours for the jellying. The recipe forewarns the cook to pull all the hairs out after scalding the nose in boiling water. Compared to other historical regional recipes, Jellied Moose Nose is inventive, chilled in its own broth to a jellied delight and finished by cutting it into thin slices. The author promises, “…it ain’t bad either, and you can use a buffalo nose instead of moose.”

This was made by

Lara Wisniewski

Lara Wisniewski is a professional editor of the written word and a longtime writer of fascinating life interests, art and culture. She is also currently at work on her first novel. She is an extremely happy, new resident of the Bozeman area and the proud, new mama of her rescue puppy Bettina.

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