Letter from the Editor: The New History of Bozeman

This issue of Bozeman Magazine has a historical theme. For several years now Bozeman Magazine has included a historical article in each issue from Courtney Kramer, the City of Bozeman’s Historic Preservation Officer. We include this because we know it is important to see where we’ve come from, and it is interesting to see the changes to Bozeman over the years. In each issue we also include articles about current and upcoming events before they happen, and dining reviews of local restaurants, we try to show where we’ve come from as well as where we are going - the new history of Bozeman if you will.

This month you can read Courtney’s article about the Gallatin County High School, a tenants perspective of the Emerson Cultural Center, a new look at Bozeman’s Cannery District and July’s Featured Bozemanite; Old timer Mel Anderson. We also have a preview to this years Sweet Pea Festival, looks at local businesses serving young and old, as well as a mix of other useful and informative articles.

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Our latest project is Food Scene 2014 an extensive restaurant guide for the greater Yellowstone area. You can find the printed Food Scene at nearly all of our distribution sites around town. It was directly taken from our restaurant guide at bozemanmagazine.com, so anything in the print guide is also on our website. Use it to keep track of restaurants you’d like to visit, and share your reviews and comments of your favorite places on our website.

If you have an upcoming event you can submit it to our calendar with the submit event feature at bozemanmagazine.com events added before the 20th of the month will also appear in the following months print magazine. Please consider a display advertisement for your next event, open house, or branding message, and get seen in Bozeman Magazine. Thank you for shaping the new history of Bozeman, Montana with us.

Angie Ripple is editor, publisher, advertising and distribution manager at Bozeman Magazine. She is a third generation Montana native whose 96 year old grandmother Mary was born on the farm in Greycliff, near Big Timber, Montana.