R. Lake Construction

In his book Outliers, Malcom Gladwell writes that for someone to truly master a skill, they must practice it for 10,000 hours. In order to be a great piano player, athlete, doctor, writer—whatever—you must put in the time to develop your craft. Ron Lake didn’t want to play a grand piano at Carnegie Hall or write the next great American novel, he wanted to build homes all over Montana.

In the last 30 years, Ron Lake has built over 400 homes spanning all across our great state with his team. “I believe within everybody, that there is an artist. I believe everyone has a way of becoming a perfectionist in what they do.” Ron says, “I’m always striving to create something that’s perfect.” From large projects, like the lodge at Moonlight Basin, to small one-room cabins, Ron is always thinking about the best way to construct a space. “We believe that truly superior homes are built on a solid foundation, one of accountability, communication and honesty.” For way over 10,000 hours now, Ron has been building that foundation.

A few years ago, Ron noticed an opportunity to start his greatest project yet, to work with his son. With Ron as his mentor, Zech Lake has followed in the footsteps of his father, and become a well established Montana contractor himself. “Ever since I can remember my dad has always been in the shop or building or remodeling something.” Said Zech when recounting his childhood. Although Zech has become incredible at what he does, he says he is still learning from his father, “His attention to detail, the way he carries himself on the projects, and the way people respect him is incredible.” Together Ron and Zech have formed R. Lake Construction, a full-service general contracting company located in beautiful Ennis, Montana. They specialize in projects that make the heart feel at home, whether it be a simple remodel, guest accommodations, residential visions, or a dream home.

When asked, “Why Montana?” Ron was quick to answer, “Montana, to me, is magical.”  “There is something about the architecture here.” Zech added, “They say Montana is the last great place, and I completely agree. I can’t see myself building anywhere else.” The Lakes continued to say that people from all over the world have come to them to ask for help with a project. “More and more people want to come to Montana.” Said Zech. Recently, R. Lake Construction built a dream home for a family from San Francisco in Ennis. The head of the family, William Lenehan, had this to say about the job: “Ron and Zech did a fantastic job on our house. It was a difficult job, the house sits close to a significant slope, and I was a thousand miles away the whole time. [There was] Great communication, [they] really put my interests first, navigated a tremendously difficult situation with a [water] well, value engineered many components of the project, good communicators, etc. I will continue to use them for additional projects and would recommend them to anyone looking to build a high quality house.”

Currently, R. Lake Construction is working on a dream home on the Madison Valley Golf Course, a modus 2,500 square foot home. They continue to add to our communities rich history by supplying homes for family’s to grow and make memories in.

“2014 looks to be our biggest year yet, we are excited for the opportunity ahead of us” said Zech. You can learn more about R. Lake Construction by going to www.rlakeconstruction.com.