It’s Time to Start Thinking About CHRISTMAS

Tom Egelhoff

The Christmas shopping season is just three short months away. It’s time to decide how much profit you want to make. Yes, I said YOU decide what kind of profit you are going to make. You actually have more control over what happens in your business than you think.

Now is the time to put your customers in the right mindset for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season. There are several ways you can do that. Here are some quick and easy tips to get customers prepared to shop.

Christmas Tips To Increase Your Bottom Line

·      Package Items: You should never sell an iPhone without a case and car charger. If you package those items it makes a more sellable value and it make it harder for the competition to match your pricing.

·      Re-Merchandise Your Floor: You are going to have more shoppers in your location so now is the time to clear any tight spaces or bottlenecks. Also display items are you going to have out for Christmas a little more prominently. You are planting seeds now for future purchases.

·      Training: Yes it’s time to train your employees to up the level of customer service. People shop where they are appreciated. Employees should call people by name. Their name is on their checks and credit cards.

·      OnLine Shopping Lists: Now is the time you should start preparing printable shopping lists to be placed on your website. Gifts for Dad under $50 for example. Show value and make shopping fun and easy. These would go online November 1st.

·      Upselling: Train employees to point out additional products that might compliment a purchase. A pair of shoes will last longer with waterproofing spray. Get employees comfortable with asking about secondary add-on sales.

·      Spiff Items You Need to Move: Spiffs are little extra bucks if the employ sells certain products that need to be moved. For each one sold the employee makes an extra buck or two.

·      Business Cards: Every employee should have their own business cards. All of us know about 250 people. Those people should be customers. Give employees and incentive to pass out cards and bring their friends and family into your business. Perhaps the customer gets a small discount by showing the employee card.

·      Advertising: Try to lock in favorable advertising rates now rather than later and get your budget ready to tackle some increased advertising. Just make sure you are advertising where it has proven to work for your business.

Some Final Thoughts

Our economy seems to be slowly returning to normal. It’s time to take advantage of that. Get people talking about your business to their friends and neighbors. Interact with shoppers and turn them into loyal customers. Follow these tips and you will have a profitable, and black bottom line in January.   

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