March Cover Artist: Alexis Bryan

Photography is a new-found fascination of mine; I don’t have the portfolio or experience a lot of photographers have. I don’t even own a camera to be honest. However, being born and raised in Bozeman, I have a great attachment to this region. The things I choose to photograph (using my iPhone) are inspired by my desire to share my deep sense of pride and admiration for the place that built the person that I am.

They say “we take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise lost”. Photography not only allows me to tell stories of places that I have been or people that I have known, but it allows me to hold a piece of time still and capture within it the beauty of a past moment and bring it present. Currently seeking my psychology degree at Montana State University, photography is just another way for me to practice the art of observation. As humans we often become habituated to our environment and the emotion it invokes. Consequently, much of the beauty and sensation that surrounds us goes unseen, unfelt, and forgotten. Photography forces me to slow down, demanding me to be fully present, enhancing my gratitude for the things around me. Through my photographs, I hope to bring a little bit of beauty into viewers’ lives by sharing the magnificence of a single moment.  I am extremely overjoyed to have one of my photographs featured on the cover of Bozeman Magazine. As I continue to further my photography knowledge and abilities. Readers can find other works of mine on my Instagram @alexismbryan.