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Yabba Griffiths, Sattsang, Pimps of Joytime & CFTC

Brian Ripple


As a studio musician guitar player, Yabba Griffiths worked with many of the greatest musicians and singers of Jamaica including Bunny Wailer, Soul Syndicate, Gregory Isaacs, Roots Radics, Carlton and Family Man Barrett, Winston Wright, Lynn Taitt, Jackie Mittoo, Robbie Shakespeare, Sly Dunbar, The Tamlins and Bobby Colphat, among many others. Yabba Griffiths joined Charles Hannah and the Graduates in 1972 and in 1974 toured throughout Jamaica with Solid Foundation. During this time, Yabba recorded the first version of his big hit 'Devil Woman', featuring the Tamlins. 'Devil Woman' was released as a single in the United States and United Kingdom in 1976, and became a massive hit in metropolitan New York and Chicago among other cities.

 in 1976, Yabba Griffiths toured the United States with Big Youth and the band Creation. After the wrap up of this tour, he then joined the Black Eagles, later to be re-named Morgan Heritage. Yabba then moved to New York City in 1977 to form the band Yahtova, which translates to mean 'God (is) Love'.

If you like reggae check out Yabba Griffiths and the Traxx Reggae Band March 17 at the Filling Station.
According to their own Facebook page bio the Pimps of Joytime are: “A band whose name carries a certain “je ne sais quois,” the Pimps of Joytime were born out of frontman Brian J’s desire to layer his broad range of musical influences -- soul, funk, blues and rock n’ roll -- within the freedom of an unapologetic dance groove. Since 2007, this Brooklyn based wildly infectious group has grown from playing basement parties down the street to headlining more than 100 shows each year, with stops along the festival circuit at Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Outside Lands, All Good, the VooDoo Experience and more. The Pimps’ debut record High Steppin’ dropped in 2008 on Wonderwheel Recordings to critical acclaim from the likes of NPR and BBC, followed by their sophomore release Janxta Funk! in 2011. Currently writing and recording tracks for their third album (anticipated for fall 2014), the forthcoming release will be their most inspired, distinct studio effort to date. Both in studio and on the road, the Pimps of Joytime are not to be missed. When they come to town, make sure to bring your favorite dance shoes and a dry towel to wipe your brow, because they know how to make you shake it and sweat all over.”

If funk is your thing check out the Pimps show with the Cure For the Common opening March 20 at the Filling Station. Tickets are on sale at Cactus Records. Brought to you by Chicken Jam West Productions and Mellow Mood.   

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