Black Rose Sun Sign Horoscopes

ARIES: Any bumpiness in relationships left over from the Mercury Retrograde that ended last month are gone and love is in the air.  Attached Rams will find a deepening in their relationship while single Rams are sure to find an interesting new person.

TAURUS: With Mercury heating up your Seventh House of relationships through most of the month, love is in the air and dealings are fair for Bulls. You are sure to have a receptive audience, willing to hear your request or story. Romance sizzles!

GEMINI:  Venus and Mars come together and balance the yin and yang; sure to bring passion you will feel the strong emotional energy all month. The 13th is a good time for making an investment or reviewing your portfolio or budget.

CANCER: A month of fun and passion – what better for you! Mercury in Scorpio lights up the passionate side of your emotional nature. The good thing odds are your sweetie is feeling the same way. If you are looking for love, hold still, it may just find you!

LEO: That nagging matter still standing between you and your sweetie can be settled easily after the 8th when you are both more willing to accept a compromise. The 2nd provides a great opportunity to make strong decisions regarding finances.

VIRGO: Things have been going well and it is not going to stop now. Your personal finances receive a boost from an unexpected source under Venus’ warm influence. Long-term karmic rewards are brought home on the 13th allowing you to reap what you have sown.

LIBRA: Your ability to balance will be put to the test. Love and career matters seem to both be in high gear at the same time. Love is sure to sizzle with Venus in your sign.  The Sun in Mercury is sure to bring you the chance to complete a financial negotiation.

SCORPIO: You are ready to come out from under that rock you crawled under with Mercury entering your sign. You will be much more convinced about a potential love on the 10th.  The Full Moon in Gemini on the 25th helps you to see details of a financial issue.

SAGITTARIUS: You have a full month of happy occurrences friend Archer. The 10th allows for completion of a long-term project and the 13th will bring the opportunity for a new project to be taken up. There is a sensual intensity that allows love to sizzle.

CAPRICORN: With Mercury in intense Scorpio you may find yourself talking a lot about the rules of whatever game it is that you are playing. Be careful of trying to keep things hidden – what you try to hide now is sure to be revealed.

AQUARIUS: That issue you have been sidestepping is going to catch up with you on the 17th so be prepared, you will not be able to avoid it. A long-term secret could be revealed by an unexpected source. Speak you peace on the 17th.

PISCES: It is an up and down month for you, but being forewarned you can miss many of the difficulties. Watch for drama with your sweetie on the 2nd – it may be best to just fall on your sword if you are caught in a matter of trust.