Most Romantic of Valentines Days to You

Sarah Cairoli, Angie Ripple

Ahhhh, February. Love is in the air and the pressure is on. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Some people are looking for that special someone while others are just looking for a special way to express their feelings. Finding that perfect combination of romance and fun can be hard to do year after year. Thankfully, Bozeman Magazine readers have resoundingly voted on the most romantic place in Bozeman, and the winner might surprise you.

There are a lot of opportunities for romance in Bozeman, so competition was stiff. Main Street is lined with trendy, boutique restaurants; long cocktail menus and carafes of wine paired with delicately crafted bites are available all over town. If your idea of romance is a nice dinner by candlelight, you’ve come to the right place. Although, according to our poll, this is not the typical Bozemanite’s idea of romance.

For some, nothing is more romantic than a quiet evening surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. A champagne picnic by a babbling brook can bring the romantic out in almost anyone. Several local resorts offer sleigh rides, horseback rides, and numerous other ways to experience the great outdoors in style. Yet, despite Bozeman residents’ clear love for all things outdoors, the most romantic place was not up Hyalite or down the Gallatin Canyon.

Bozeman is a unique place, and our idea of romance is also unique.

Any guesses yet? Bozeman’s most romantic spot has all the makings of a romantic rendezvous without the stuffy atmosphere. It’s got dim lighting, live music, food and drink, and a friendly staff. You don’t even have to dress up; in fact, you probably shouldn’t. By the end of the night, beer goggles and good tunes have everyone looking good and feeling good at the Haufbrau.

That’s right. The Haufbrau, one of the anchors of Bozeman’s Barmuda Triangle, was voted Most Romantic Place in Bozeman. The accolades for this bar just keep rolling in. It was named one of the 29 Best College Bars in America in a recent Buzzfeed poll, too.
Maybe its been since college since you’ve visited the Haufbrau, or you are new to town and haven’t had a chance to experience what Montana is really like. Yes, in fact, most of Montana isn’t home to the swank dapper of BozeAngelas. Most Montana bars look a lot more like the Haufbrau, with peanut shells on the floor, stickers on the beer cooler and locals on the bar stools. This is old Bozeman, and readers of Bozeman Magazine respect the uniqueness and character that laid the groundwork for what continues to grow here.

At the Haufbrau the writing is on the wall, on the tables and everywhere in the bathrooms. Leaving your mark can be part of the experience, by doing so you can be a part of the place. Bring your Sharpie or pocket knife if you want to memorialize your visit! Or enjoy the marks of others and turn them into conversation starters (maybe with a future sweetheart).

Being a place for romance can simply mean that where like-minded individuals meet sparks may fly. As with most places with character, you will find characters as well. The daily regulars may not be your type, and they aren’t there to find a date, but they certainly have a story to tell! It’s after dark, when the music starts that the real fun begins, and this will likely be the time to find a little romance. Squeeze your way onto the dance floor, the tight space will help you find your partner. Strike up a conversation with an opposing pool player, or buy the girl at the corner table a PBR; however you meet new people, it can work at the Hauf.

In the words of one reader “How do you not love it? But yet some people don’t…its just a great dive bar…the terribleness is part of its wonder…” -CF  

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Sarah Cairoli

Sarah Cairoli is a local writer, tutor, and mother who has been enjoying all Bozeman has to offer for the past decade. She can be reached at (at) hotmail [d0t] com,)

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