Moda Fashion Truck

Boutique on Wheels

Angie Ripple

You’ve heard of food trucks, heck you’ve probably eaten from a few! But I’ll bet you’ve probably not heard of a fashion truck. Fashion trucks don’t serve food, just tasty trendsetting styles for your wearing pleasure, and a big one is hitting the streets of Bozeman. This month Moda Fashion Truck will begin bringing stylish contemporary clothing, accessories and gift items to the ladies of Bozeman. Moda is the innovative business idea of Kelsey Schuerg, who will be thoughtfully curating Moda merchandise for the Montana fashionista, and bring new styles and trends to the streets of our wonderful state.

Moda came to fruition about eight months ago when Kelsey realized how much she was missing the fashion scene of a bigger city. She moved to Montana four years ago from Chicago, where new styles and trends in the fashion world were at her finger tips. Kelsey’s desire to live in a more outdoors-y, laid back atmosphere where she could kick off her heels and trade them for hiking boots brought her to Bozeman. “Then it hit me; I could just bring some of those styles I missed so much to Montana.” Kelsey wanted to be able to bring the shopping TO the customers, whether they live in Bozeman or in surrounding towns that may not have any clothing retailers to shop at. After researching mobile retailers online she quickly realized that there are over 500 fashion trucks throughout the country. Inspired by the trucks she found online Kelsey knew that this was the business she wanted to start in Bozeman.

Kelsey’s entrepreneurial spirit and love of fashion stems from her mother, Karen Jones, who is her biggest inspiration and supporter in this new venture. Karen owned a dress shop of her own when she was Kelsey’s age in New York. Kelsey takes her mother to all of her buying trips so that her merchandise is appealing to shoppers in their early 20’s all the way up to shoppers in their 60’s.

Moda Fashion Truck’s target market is broad on purpose to make it more inviting. The truck is filled with unique but classic pieces that every woman needs in their wardrobe, like a little black dress, a staple cardigan sweater, quality leggings, the list goes on. But what good is an outfit with no accessories? Moda will carry special accessories including statement necklaces, everyday jewelry, trendy handbags, clutches and so much more. Most everything in the truck is priced under $150. And yes, there’s even a fitting room inside!

Moda is easily described in one word as “classy”. Any shopper at Moda will walk out with a piece that they could wear to work and then feel fabulous going out in right after work. The inside of the truck is a gorgeous renovation from what used to be an old bread truck to what is now a sophisticated boutique on wheels with gold and soft mint accents with a rustic flair.

Bozemanites can find Moda Fashion Truck in Bozeman starting May 3rd. It will be parked in the downtown area Tuesday’s - Sunday’s from the lunch hour through happy hour. It will be hard to miss, it’s big and beautifully wrapped, but it will be moving every two hours, so Bozemanites are encouraged to track down the truck on social media to find out where it will be parked. [, @moda_truck on Twitter, modatruck on Instagram, and] Look for Moda parked outside of major events in Bozeman like ArtWalk, farmers markets, Music on Main, and other popular festivals. Planning an event where you want the truck all to yourself? It can be reserved for a set amount of hours for a private shopping party wherever you want!

Each individual will have a unique and different shopping experience at Moda, but Kelsey sees it as contributing to the new generation of doing things - like Airbnb, food trucks, and now fashion trucks. She says “With such limited space inside of the truck, it creates a personalized shopping experience for the customer because I am able to give each person special attention in a cozy environment. I’ve also learned to be very thoughtful in my buying at market because of how little space I have. Each piece has to have that “gotta have it” appeal to it, otherwise I won’t carry it. Fashion trucks are becoming the new way to shop around the country and I am so excited to bring Bozeman one of its firsts!” Follow Moda on social media or for merchandise sneak peeks, tracking the truck, and booking private shopping parties.

Moda’s grand opening will take place in front of the The Baxter on Sunday, May 8 from 3-6pm. May 8 is Mother’s Day, so treat your mom to a date, or treat yourself to something new with Moda this May. 

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