June Cover Artist: Kelsey Dzintars

Kelsey Dzintars is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer from Rapid City, South Dakota. She pursued art and music throughout her upbringing, and moved to Bozeman, Montana in 2005 to earn a BFA in graphic design at Montana State University. There she studied studio art in combination with illustration and design, and traveled to study in Oaxaca, Mexico and London, United Kingdom.

After finishing her undergraduate degree, Dzintars found herself back in southwest Montana to work as lead designer and eventually creative director for the Outlaw Partners, a creative media agency based in Big Sky. She continued to develop her artwork, exhibited in galleries, markets and businesses in the Gallatin Valley, and began teaching acrylic painting classes.

In December 2015 she served as the artist-in-residence at Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona, and spent the remainder of the winter exploring national parks, snowboarding and building upon her body of work in the western U.S. Now back in her Bozeman studio for the summer, she is looking forward to digging deep into her creative work in the place that feels most like home.


Working with oil, acrylic and watercolor, Dzintars has developed her own brand of modern expressionism, ranging from straightforward to whimsical, playing the edge between dream and reality. She explores the cycle of influence between earth and humans by painting the emotional power in landscapes and wildlife and our collective experiences among them.

“My hope for my artwork is to not only invigorate the viewer with the emotion of real memories or imagined dreams in these settings, but also to fuel conversation and action in conservation,” Dzintars said. “The way in which the paint behaves and the act of painting itself is a reflection of our morphing ecosystem and the human attempt to have control in its progression.”

See more of her work at: Kelseydzintars.com, Kelsey Dzintars Art + Dzine on Facebook and kdzintars_art on Instagram. Her art will be up at Seven Sushi until August 2016, and at Revolvr Menswear during the Bozeman ArtWalk September 9.