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Cassi Miller

There’s no doubt that Bozeman has a sweet tooth. We love our beer, we love our local food, and we love delicious desserts. Amid this town’s search for the perfect sugary end to every culinary experience arose Cupcake Mountain Cupcakery. Located on North 7th Avenue just across from Domino’s Pizza, I’ve met few people who can resist their combination of perfectly moist cake and stunning blends of rich frosting and fun toppings. I asked Terry and Christine Ketterer, the mom and pop behind the cupcake shop, about their love for Bozeman and providing us their most decadent creations.

CM: Did you always want to run a cupcake shop? What brought you to this business?

TK: We wanted to start up and do something that my wife and I could do together. She has always been a great baker. She wanted to originally do cakes, but I said I would mess up too many. Thus, cupcakes were born. We had the idea for a couple years before we started it even.

CM: What do you love the most about owning and working at the cupcakery?

TK: Speaking on her behalf as well as mine, we both love making people happy and getting to watch couples and families grow together over the years. We want people to come back for all their special events. We see a couple from their first date, to their marriage, to their children, to even their children’s birthdays. It is very rewarding and forms a very special bond between us and them. Our customer isn’t a customer; they are a guest, a friend, a daily routine. It’s  great to see these people often.

CM: What do you love about being in Bozeman? Being a part of this community?

TK: We met in college in Bozeman. We love it here. We have grown to love everything about it. We hope to never leave. The people here are great, very understanding and supportive of one another. Bozemanites are very open minded and love unique things, all of which are pros to our family and our niche with Cupcake Mountain.

CM: What do you want customers to experience when they come here?

TK: When customers come to get cupcakes, we really want them to have top notch cupcakes. We want people to talk about the birthday party or wedding they went to and say stuff like, “Remember those cupcakes?” We want to create memories. The Cupcake Mountain experience should last beyond our shop.

CM: So, what events do you guys have coming up in June? Any specials you want to talk about or share with us?

TK: In June we really get buckled down for the summer. Our biggest focus during the wedding season is making sure we can make every wedding and party we do perfect. We strive for perfection and just want it to be the easiest and most fun part of a customer’s planning. We like to do the Bite of Bozeman in the summer. Our summer flavors of the month are among our most talked about cupcakes. We get crazy ideas that really make you remember summers you had as a kid and giving you a moment to relive that. Expect to see flavors that include watermelon, s’mores, and orange dreamsicle at points throughout the next few months.

With upcoming favors like that, I don’t know how anyone can resist what Cupcake Mountain has to offer. In addition to their staple flavors, like heavenly key lime and red velvet fit for royalty, they have also recently expanded their space and added a variety of Italian sodas and other yummy treats! There’s some nice little seating and you will always be greeted with a huge smile and friendly conversation! So, indulge a little, Bozeman! Cupcake Mountain Cupcakery is happy to help!

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Cassi Miller

Cassi is a writing instructor and veteran services tutor at MSU and also works for Montana Gift Corral. She loves exploring everything Montana has to offer and spending time with her husky named Flames. She can be reached at:

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