February Cover Artist: Tyler Fortune

Tyler Fortune (Fortune, like the cookie) is a designer and photographer from sunny Orlando, Florida. He’s proud to call Montana his home, amidst moving frequently with his Air Force family. Tyler earned his BA in Photography from Bozeman’s amazing program and is passionate about taking urban and architectural photography to the next level.

The featured image is from his series, City Lights, which takes a day to night time lapse and combines it into a single photograph. Below is the City Lights artist statement:

City Lights is a photo series that places a time lapse into one, single image. Every photograph is the result of combining at least ten images taken over a five hour time period. The time span covers the transition from day to night for each location and shows the contrast between the natural and city light. Greatly inspired by the work of Stephen Wilkes, City Lights was photographed throughout the cities of Montana and the Northwest.

When he’s not designing or snapping photos, you can find him performing mediocre skateboarding tricks, scavenging for a new addition to his extensive Hot Wheels collection (150 and counting), or surfing on the coast of Florida. Aside from being a car fanatic, he’s also a music nerd, so you might find him in his beat laboratory recording guitar, bass, piano, or drums.

See more of Tyler’s creations at  www.tylerfortune.photo