September Cover Artist: Casey Norris

Casey Norris, a New Zealand native has called Bozeman home for the past five years. “I’ve found my place here in Montana. The landscapes and wildlife are a great source of inspiration for my painting and photography and I love the outdoor life, it doesn’t get any better than this.”  

Casey has spent every day this summer either camping or backpacking with her family, exploring Montana’s back roads and trails. “There’s nothing like being out on the trail, whether it’s trail running or backpacking, it’s freedom.” She hopes that by immersing her children in the wilderness they will grow up sharing her passion for the outdoors, and for adventure, and appreciate the simple things in life that money can’t buy.  

When she’s not on the trail with her family and dogs taking photos, Casey spends her time painting. “From a young age I remember sitting for hours drawing, I had these step by step books that showed you how to draw different animals and I would draw the same animal over and over until I had it down. It’s the same with painting now, I enjoy practicing my technique and discovering what works!”

Casey is a self taught landscape and wildlife artist living in Bozeman. You can follow her backcountry travels and artwork on instagram @montanakiwi