The Dusty Pockets Hard Line

Brian Ripple

The Dusty Pockets are a recently formed (within a year or so) band out of Bozeman, MT. Their original music explores genres from blues to country, folk and soul, and is most comfortably described by the band as Americana Roots. The current formation of the Dusty Pockets, as we know them today, has been playing together for a little over a year now. Their first show as the current five piece was at the Cannery District last summer as a “The Band” Tribute.

Since then they have been working hard to make a name for themselves, and their Debut album Hard Line will be released at the end of the month on July 27. Recorded by the Dusty Pockets at their rehearsal studio over the last several months, it boasts ten tracks all written by the band. The Dusty Pockets took it upon themselves to renovate John’s garage into a comfortable recording studio which enabled them to maintain the creative control over the recording process and at the same time have a space to record in where everyone could feel completely relaxed.

The Initial vision for the band was to be primarily a studio project, but as time progressed that vision began to morph as the recording process opened up new avenues for live performances. According to bassist John Griffith the whole concept has become more malleable than it was at the beginning. While everyone in the Dusty Pockets is currently (happily) employed outside of the band, the discussions are swirling about the possibilities of taking the band on some kind of smaller tours if they would make sense for everyone involved.

As their bio states, the Dusty Pockets call themselves Americana Roots, or as Griff puts it, Recreational Americana, with song themes including love, family, strife, beliefs and of course pets. While everyone is an equal contributor, Dave wrote nine of the ten songs lyrics from the album. “Dave will typically come to the band with a rough sketch of the song, and let us color it in and fill in the blanks. Matt usually delivers a melody line that will typically solidify the track.” 

When prompted for a couple songs from Hard Line that stand out to him the most Griff says he really likes them all, but he admits he enjoys the last track, “Daggers,” stating that it ‘feels unique to the album and has a bit more of a darker 90’s alternative vibe with a cool very interlude section in the middle of the song.’ 

“Tell Me You Do”is the first track on the album that is a full on rock song, and being fourth track on the album Griff believes it is a head turner. Like “Daggers” the song features an interlude section with several dynamic changes.

If you love dancing and Recreational Americana music, come to the Dusty Pockets CD release party on July 27 at the Rialto in downtown Bozeman. The Horn Stars will be there playing with them on several tracks, and their friends the Lazy Owl String Band will be opening the show. If you are more into buying a CD than live music, the album Hard Line will be available at Cactus Records, Spotify, itunes, Pandora and almost everywhere you can buy music. 

Also in preproduction are 12” vinyl records of the new album. These will be available at the Dusty Pockets 2018 Cannery District show which takes place on September 5, where they will be doing a “Little Brothers” set or playing a lot of Little Feat and Allman Brothers Band songs as well as some DP originals. 

For information on the band and all their upcoming events go to: and click on like.    

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