The Bogert Farmers Market is at Lindley Park this Summer!

Natalie Waddington

It’s summer. This means lots of outdoor activities and events. We wait through the long, grueling winter for a chance to experience the incredible summer here in Bozeman. And, along with all of the great opportunities to get outside and experience downtown Bozeman, there is one activity that can often be overlooked by the community: the farmers markets. Farmers markets are a great way to get outside, meet new people, find great food, and support the local farmers! I don’t know about all of you, but I can see myself spending plenty of afternoons at the local farmers market here in Bozeman for the chance to experience all of that. 

In Bozeman, we have the incredible chance to visit the Bogert Farmers Market! This market has been around for the better part of the past decade, and it has brought so many smiles to the local community. Formally located in the Pavillion at Bogert Park in downtown Bozeman, the market has relocated to Lindley Park for the 2019 summer season due to snow damaging the Bogert Pavilion this March. The will BFM will carry on at Lindley with live music, arts, family activities, and plenty of fresh produce and food vendors! Though this may seem like any other farmers market, Salal Huber-McGee, the event’s organizer, says their main goal is to “leave [the park] better than when we came. We are so aware of the beauty around us and want to preserve that.” True to their word, the Bogert Farmers Market is a non-profit which uses the earnings of the market to give back to the park system and preserve Montana’s beautiful parks and scenery. 

Not only do they hope to gain the attraction of the public by being a non-profit determined to help the public lands and park system, but BFM also aims to accommodate the busy lives the people of Bozeman lead. With weekdays spent at work, and weekends spent out in the mountains or on vacation, Salal hopes the market being open on Tuesday evenings will be an optimal time for the people of Bozeman to get a break in their week and have the chance to go while being busy on the weekends.

Their main goal is to get as many people out and having fun as they can!

Sure, there are many farmers markets across the state that offer produce and food vendors. But the goal and attitude of this particular farmers market puts all others to shame as they have the interest of Bozeman and Montana at heart. Open every Tuesday 5-8 p.m. June 18th-September 10th, the Bogert Farmers Market really has it all. There is so much to see and explore at this event, making it a great summer activity and way to appreciate the community we all share.  

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