Stealing a Pizza Your Heart: Choice Pizza Destinations in Montana

Natalie Waddington, Elizabeth Anderson

There’s nothing like enjoying a perfectly baked oven-fresh pizza and being in the last best place - Montana. Double win. If you’re traveling the state, or need an excuse for a road trip, here are some of the best possible pizza places to find in Montana.

Broadway Cafe  Butte
(Distance from Bozeman 86 miles · 1 hr 34 min)
This place is adorable, and the pizza is delicious! The pizza here has so many great options with all of the fresh toppings and veggie options. Plus, the crust here is fluffy and crunchy, giving it that perfect texture. The building for this restaurant also gives it such a cute and cozy atmosphere when you’re passing through Butte and enjoying the day there. Be sure to check this place out this summer!

Wild West Pizzeria & Saloon   West Yellowstone
(Distance from Bozeman 96 miles · 1 hr 48 min)
This place rocks and the pizza here is pretty great, too! A large space with a Wild West atmosphere, the stage provides opportunities for karaoke and regional bands to shine. This makes for a great stop on a road trip vacation or even for those of you just looking for something new.

Papa T’s  Dillon
(Distance from Bozeman 117 miles · 2 hr 20 min)
Great little all-American family style restaurant with homemade flare and flavor. The staff is prompt, friendly, and always accommodating!

Red Lodge Pizza Co.  Red Lodge
(Distance from Bozeman 145 miles · 2 hr 42 min)
“Pizza you can write home about!” This place has a little bit of everything for everyone. All-natural beef, delightful salads, and extravagant desserts, but best known for their homemade pizza.

When in Rome  Bigfork
(Distance from Bozeman 275 miles · 5 hr 51 min)
This place has one of the cutest back stories you’ll hear, so be prepared to have your heart healed for the day. There was a college student from Montana studying in Rome when she met and fell in love with an Albanian man living in Italy. Eventually, they moved to Montana and went to culinary school. Not long after, they opened the pizza place, When in Rome, and Montanans have been in love ever since. The pizza is authentically Italian and delicious with lots of choices in toppings, crusts, and cheeses. 

Antler’s Saloon 
(Distance from Bozeman 161 miles · 2 hr 57 min)
In a well-accommodated small town surrounded by big mountains and the friendliest people around, Antler’s Saloon and its specialty pizzas won’t disappoint. At times it may be the only restaurant available within a forty-mile radius, which is a wonderful sight for the hungry traveler.

Howard’s Pizza   Great Falls
(Distance from Bozeman 188 miles · 3 hr 34 min)
Your best bet for authentic, delicious pizza in Great Falls. The dough is made fresh daily along with homemade sauce. Guaranteed hot and fresh delivery. Local and family-owned since 1959, there are four convenient locations in the Great Falls area to choose from.

Moose’s Saloon  Kalispell
(Distance from Bozeman 293 miles · 6 hr 23 min)
Moose’s is a favorite among those in northern Montana due to their delicious pizza and barn-like setting. Everyone is welcome to carve their names and sayings all over the walls and throw their peanut shells on the floor at Moose’s. This atmosphere makes the pizza that much more enjoyable and entertaining. If you ever visit Glacier, or you are headed up that way, be sure to stop in and carve your name while eating their killer thin crust pizza and a pitcher of Montana beer!

Jersey Boys   Whitefish
(Distance from Bozeman 309 miles · 6 hr 47 min)
 Jersey Boys was started by an ex-high school teacher from Kalispell, giving it a unique back story. The menu is a favorite among the locals, and it is the perfect place to stop when you’re looking for a place to eat while road tripping from somewhere else. People from Whitefish rave about this place, so be sure to stop in and give it a chance!

Nalivka’s Original Pizza Kitchen  Havre
(Distance from Bozeman 301 miles ·  5 hr 57 min)
Some foodies say it’s the best thing about Havre. It’s all about its pizza- loaded with fresh sauce, toppings, and crust baked to perfection. High quality meets affordability here!

Eugene’s   Glasow
(Distance from Bozeman 365 miles · 7 hr 2 min) 
It’s difficult to criticize the pizza experience here as a long-running best-in-state contender. Simplicity has never tasted better in this well-known establishment. Originated in 1962, Eugene’s has since developed an international reputation. They ship half-baked pizza across the globe due to the pizza’s high demand.  

Powder Keg Pizza   Fairview
(Distance from Bozeman 422 miles · 7 hr 19 min)
This pizza is delicious, but the best part of this place is the atmosphere. There are so many video games for everyone to play while enjoying their pizza. Plus, the seats and walls give it an authentic arcade feel. This is a great place for those near the North Dakota border, so if you’re headed up that way be sure to check it out. 

Bozeman’s Choice Top 3 Pizza Places

Bridger Brewing
Voted Bozeman’s Choice Pizza 4 years straight, Bridger Brewing is just across the street from the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. BB serves a variety of slices daily, full pizzas any time, and flavorful beer as well. The entire family is welcome to enjoy the delicious pizza at Bridger Brewing.

Pizza Campania
Unique, wood-fired specialty pizzas served fresh in this rustic chalet nestled in the Cannery District of Bozeman. It’s a great, friendly neighborhood atmosphere for date nights or family nights also with a wide selection of salads, wine, and beer.

Red Tractor Pizza
Look for the red tractor on Main Street in Bozeman. Once inside, you’ll find an artisan brick oven pizzeria featuring traditional, sprouted grain or gluten-free crusts with local-as-can-be gourmet toppings. Red Tractor also offers a variety of beer options and local live music.

Bozeman honorable mentions: Blackbird, Colombo’s, Cosmic, and Mackenzie River Pizza

If you’re going to take a road trip this summer or if you decide on a staycation, hopefully, this list will help in making it a delicious one! This list doesn’t even come close to all of the small pizza places across the state; there are plenty of places excited to feed anyone craving some pizza.  

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