August Cover Artist: Glenda Weaver

Glenda Rainie Vinson Weaver is a professional hair designer and venue owner who loves the outdoors and found happiness through an old lens and cell phone camera. Glenda was born and raised in Montana; she’s stomped a few trails, kissed a few rocks and has much to share, which she does regularly on her Facebook page: Montana with Glenda.

After an automobile accident left her with a brain injury, Glenda shut down GW Design Day Spa, which she had run for 30 years in downtown Bozeman, and she fought her way back by doing more of what she LOVES to do and less of the many things she doesn’t want to do. She dreamt of starting a small and cozy venue built from scratch with her sons, Cameron and Avery who built her dream alongside her. They call it Love Lane Barn and they host weddings and other gatherings.

Travels and adventures are chronicled through her photographs, but doodles have also brought healing. Glenda says, “Trauma has taught me to welcome back my childhood love of fantasy drawing. My core desire is to create and share subtle shifts in realizing your own awesomeness and to empower you through your own creativity to heal the mind, body, and soul. I believe that feeding our brain with artistic nature makes us better people. And the world really does need the best from each of us!” Journaling and doodling kept Glenda strong and helped heal her brain. She encourages, “Love your brain because in a blink of an eye, you can lose all your moments and memories.”

Glenda begins every journey by trying to find its soul. “You have to find the soul to adventure, and you have to find the Story to Joy, the Beauty, Solitude, Freedom, Wonder, Challenge, Excitement, Art, Relaxation, Wildness, and Inspiration. Most every adventure includes Glenda’s black lab Clutch, featured on the cover of this issue. Glenda calls Clutch her buddy and her hero. He’s been there for her through all the hard times and the good times; he guides her and keeps her moving.

Join Glenda on her adventures via Instagram and Facebook
@Montanawithglenda and Love Lane Barn.