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Abby Hernandez


Happy New Year Bozeman! At the start of each New Year, most people write down resolutions or goals. And I do that too, but I also like to make a “Bucket List” for the New Year. A bucket list is “a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do (before they die)” according to Merriam-Webster. But we are focusing on 2020!

I know what’s on my bucket list, but I was curious about other locals as well. So enjoy this collection of things that Bozemanites want to do in 2020. I hope it gives you some good ideas for the New Year, or maybe it gives you a sense of accomplishment because you’ve already done some of these! Either way, happy reading and Happy New Year! 

Abby Hernandez 
~ Instagram @adventurepeaksupply
One of my bucket list items for 2020 is to take my kids backpacking. There is something I love about hiking into the mountains and setting up camp where your only neighbor is nature. When summer rolls around, my kids will be 6 and 4, so it will be the first year we are going to attempt a backpacking trip. We’ll start with a 1-night trip and only go a mile or two in, but it’s one of the things I’m most looking forward to in 2020! The boys could fish or throw rocks in a lake for hours, and even though Pine Creek Lake is on my bucket list for 2020 as well, we’ll backpack to a lake near Bozeman with low mileage –  most likely Rat Lake or Blackmore Lake.  Wish us luck! 

David Janssen 
~ Instagram @gnarangutang
An item that has been on my bucket list for a while is to watch the full moon rise from the top of a peak. I’ve seen the moon rise from the ridge above Bridger while out snowboarding, but have always wanted to be on Ross Peak when the sun sets to the west and the full moon rises to the east over the Crazies. I can’t even imagine the feeling with a 360 view like that. Another peak would be Hyalite, which would give a view of the moon rising over the Absarokas. The bonus for either is a ski/hike out or back to camp under the moonlight. There will be 13 full moons in 2020 (2 in October) so we’ll have plenty of chances. Hope to see you out there and hear you howling at the moon!

Alexis Prygrocki 
~ Instagram @lexyvonrieter 
If I am being honest, I am a wimpy hiker. I prefer a mid-morning hike to water and then back into Bozeman in time for some good wine at happy hour. However this summer, I would like to take the kiddo up to Hyalite to camp on the lake, float, make s’mores etc. I grew up camping with my family for all family vacations, and it’s something I miss the most. It’s the best way to make lasting memories as a family and learn some good skills. 

Lori Jo Berg
On our bucket list for 2020 is the Kenny Chesney Chilaxification tour (I think you can still get tickets!). It is July 5th, 2020 at Bobcat Stadium. We love his music and the concert is going to be a great atmosphere, outside in beautiful Montana. We are also looking forward to concerts at Live From the Divide. Their schedule for 2020 comes out soon! We like this venue because it is very intimate and you get to know your favorite artists and the reason behind all the songs they write.  

Frank Gazella, Jr. 
~  Instagram @creektopeak 
Living in Bozeman suits me well because I’m an adventurous guy -- and in the winter, I’m a skier. We all know Bozeman is a ski town and I enjoy skiing Bridger and Big Sky, but my bucket list before the end of ski season in 2020 is to ski all the smaller/lesser known hills in the surrounding area – Red Lodge, Showdown, Discovery, Great Divide, Maverick etc. 

Helen Paris 
~ Instagram @helen_skraw
My husband and I have skied and hiked in the Beartooths extensively, but I’ve wanted to do The Beaten Path for a while and never have. So one of my bucket list items in 2020 is to hike The Beaten Path. It’s an iconic and magical Beartooth hike that traverses about 27 miles from East Rosebud to Cooke City. It goes through some beautiful scenery, and I can’t wait to do it this summer with my husband and some friends. 

Aly Hollewijn 
~ Instagram @kickinglife
This year, we would like to participate in more Bozeman community events, from 5Ks, the farmers market, to fundraisers, and high school sporting events. Bozeman has such a strong community and hosts great family events. As a family with young children, it is easy to find reasons to not participate because of the stress of managing the kids. In reality, it’s incredibly influential for our family and kids to understand participating with their community and giving back. We are looking forward to trying new things while continuing to become part of this vibrant and strong community!

Joel Ganey  
~ Instagram @gallatinelite 
I’m usually so busy coaching soccer that I haven’t had a chance to explore the Beartooths much. So during the summer of 2020, I’d like to do a day hike in the Beartooths followed by pizza, ideally at Blackbird, in mid-to-late July or August on a day where I won’t miss any soccer! 

Flora McCormick 
~ Instagram @jasahmblog
On my bucket list for the family (our kids are 4 and 6) is ice-skating at the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association (BAHA). They have several fun events I’ve never quite made it to -- like a New Year’s Family Glow Skate. Also, I want to go to a hockey game with the family. We’ve never been before. Finally, for a Mom’s night out, I’d like to check out a Roller Girlz match. Something fun and different from just our regular restaurant meet-ups! 

Matt Bennett 
~ Instagram @mattbennettisawesome 
I love rock climbing, but I’ve never been ice climbing, so that’s something I want to try in 2020. Conveniently, Bozeman has world-class ice climbing right up Hyalite, so I’m excited to try out a new challenge and learn a new skill. I also heard there is an actual vegan restaurant opening up in Bozeman, and I’m excited to check that out in 2020 too!  

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