What's Your Beef? Families Ripped Apart You Didn't Protest

Families ripped apart....you didn’t protest.

Kids in cages getting sexually abused by ICE....you didn’t protest.

Black kids killed by cops...you didn’t protest.

Whole cities with poisoned water...you didn’t protest.

Nepotism and corruption in the White House...you didn’t protest.

A Non-Discrimination Ordinance that would make it illegal to fire our friends in Billings or kick them out of housing for being gay gets shut down by city government...you didn’t protest.

Laws enacted to control women’s medical choices...you didn’t protest.

A rapist and pedophile elected to the highest office...you didn’t protest

A rapist appointed to the Supreme Court...you didn’t protest.

A president who incites violence again people who don’t worship him...you didn’t protest.

The Trump administration is stealing PPE that our health care workers need, states are having to covertly order it so it doesn’t get stole by the feds...and you didn’t protest.

But now, NOW, you’re protesting? Because there’s a global pandemic and you’re forced to stay home to protect my child and your neighbor’s grandmother and my brother’s spouse and my good friend and the local health care workers who are literally dying to save others, including people like you.

THAT you protest. THAT you throw an adult-sized tantrum over. You whine about your rights being taken away because our leaders are desperately trying to stem the tide of a global pandemic that has killed 30,000 Americans and you’re told to stay home for the good of the country.

You never would have survived the rationing of WW2. You would have complained about being uncomfortable for the greater good. About suffering a little so we could win a war. You wanna know what you would have done if you’d lived through those trying times in our history that you idolize?


Atrocities against human beings and denial of actual human rights have been committed by our government over and over again but THIS.....THIS you throw a tantrum over. A whole world trying to work together to save our most vulnerable and NOW you’re protesting.

You expect the rest of us to believe you care about “rights”? You just don’t like being told what to do, like a spoiled brat with no boundaries. You can’t get over yourself and past your own fucking entitlement to see a bigger picture, to care about your neighbor, to look to the future of our species and think for one moment that your actions have consequences.

Thank you for proving to the world that America is built on toxic individuality that says “I got mine, I don’t care about you, I don’t care about my community or facts or even getting the person standing next to me waving a sign at this protest sick.”

I wish you were the only person to be harmed by your stupidity and selfishness. If you were, I wouldn’t be writing this and no one would care that you’re throwing a tantrum in the streets today.

But I’ve seen the people who are marching in my state capital today. They own retirement homes, they run clinics, they are the superintendent and teachers and school board members of our childrens’ schools. Their 1 act of selfishness could be what takes another’s life. I hope it doesn’t take that to get people to wake up and get over themselves.