Food Scene 2020 Postponed

Brian Ripple

Restaurants are struggling, just like all of us. Since the coronavirus hit Bozeman, Bozeman Magazine has been offering free help to local businesses and restaurants affected by the pandemic. Spreading the word about their new operating hours and information pertaining to the new normal. We created and often shared a take-out list for every restaurant that was open offering food in Belgrade and Bozeman.

In our ‘old normal’ we would have been preparing to publish the sixth annual Food Scene Dining Guide. Instead, face with the ‘new normal’ we watch helplessly as several of our friends shut down their restaurants for good. At this point in time, there is no way to publish a restaurant guide in print form. Instead, we are pushing all locals and restaurants to utilize the Bozeman Food Finder located online at

You can search our database by cities in the area, say you want to see where to eat out in Ennis or Livingston, just enter that city and search. Or on the other hand, if you want to see all the places that serve Mexican food in any town search for Mexican in categories. Even better if you want Mexican food in Livingston you can be precise and look that up too. As you can see, you can also add more options to your search like restaurants with a kid's area, or restaurants with alcohol and gambling.

Oh, did I mention we have a similar list for bars and saloons in our area? Guess what, the area I mentioned is also pretty big. Extending from Whitehall to Big Timber to Island Park, ID.

Please use it the Bozeman Food Finder often. It actually makes deciding where to eat out a whole lot easier. If you own a restaurant or bar, please check your listing, and if you see changes that need to be made kindly let us know, and please if you can afford to invest in some advertising for your business with us.

The Food Finder is just one of several, great and useful resources you can find and use at: Go take a look and see what is new. For the past thirteen years we have been here to connect local businesses, promoters and organizations to the people in our community! Thanks for your continued support.  

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