Infected With The Love of Fishing

Montana Grant

One could say that there are good and bad infections. Some bad infections are highly contagious and are caused by things like the coronavirus. Mask wearing has been proven highly effective in stopping the spread of these infections. Other infections, like fishing, you simply need to be around them. Social distancing, facemasks, and medications will not help. There will be many peaks and reoccurrences as the infection progresses.

Once you become infected with the fishing bug, you are hooked for life! These infections are habit forming, expensive, and entertaining. Fishing is highly infectious and fun! Children are easily affected. Showing others how to fish will spread this infection.

It starts with a BITE

Braiden Walsh is a perfect example. Early in his life, he was exposed to several other infected fishermen. They kept him around, shared stories, and allowed him to watch. Braiden first discovered that he loved to eat fish. His Dad would bring home a batch of filets and Mom would quickly cook them up for dinner. Braiden would Pig Up the whole meal before everyone else got to the table. Talk about a feeding frenzy!

It started early. Grandpa Tom would take Braiden on his boat in the Chesapeake Bay. Boating was fun but fishing was hard. He enjoyed the adventure but was mainly a spectator. Rockfish, Croakers, White Perch, and trout would fill the coolers and Braiden’s belly.

His symptoms were getting worse! As Braiden got older, he wanted to be around the water and fishing more. Smiles and happiness are just two of the first symptoms. Figuring out the rod and reel began to make life easier. Practicing and experimenting helped him learn more. All the while, the infection was spreading.

Braiden’s infection will start small. Maybe a few hooks and cane pole. Then it leads to better and more expensive tackle, and gear. Ultimately the infection leads to bigger boats, trucks, trips, and adventures.

His fever was rising! Braiden became uncurable after short episodes became long ones. At first, he would want to fish for just a few minutes. Minutes turned into hours and hours into days. Soon his mind was thinking about fishing more and more.

Braiden will need more medication! Gear, tackle, clothing, and time to go fishing will be his prescription. Throughout his life, the infection will possess him. No new spinner, fly, or rig will be missed. No river, creek, bay, or ocean will be ignored. Braiden will spend his life looking for the cure.

This year, Braiden became a fisherman. His dad took him trout fishing. He had been before but that was before the infection had spread. His new fishing hat, rod, boots, vest, and tackle helped him look like a real fisherman.

His first trout trip ended with his first limit of fat and fine Rainbows. His next trip filled a limit, but Braiden also netted his first Golden Trout! Every trip means more fun, time with family and friends, and FISH!

Braiden is becoming a proud fisherman. It will take years for the incurable disease to progress. The infection also causes respect for the environment, following rules and limits, learning new things, and enjoying being around waters. When we fish, we relax, relieve stress, and find joy in all things fishing.

Braiden is growing up and learning about life, and “A River Runs Through It!” Tight Lines and Screaming Reels Young Man!

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Montana Grant

Montana Grant is a retired Educator, Consultant, Naturalist, Guide, and freelance writer, he spends much of his time sharing and teaching about the great outdoors. For more Montana Grant, visit his blog at

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