Twiddle Your Thumbs & Wait For Phase 3?

Brian Ripple

Bozeman has a vibrant art scene, but it is hurting. Many artists thrive on and need recognition. This is why we have movie openings, art galleries, and art walks, and this is why we have live music and concerts.

As a musician, a huge majority of my friends in Bozeman are also musicians. Getting together and jamming, whether it is in a Funk Bunker in someone’s basement, at the Haufbrau for open mic night, or hitting up the Filling Station or Rialto to take in a touring band this is what we do. Now with COVID-19 and the “new normal” artists and musicians alike have been out of work since March, and have figured out that their livelihoods will return “sometime later” when the rest of society can decide to work together to get us all into phase 3 of re-opening the economy.

Artists watch as people fight and bicker over what should be solid scientific data. They are shocked that there are so many people who will not do what is asked of them to keep the rest of society safe. Artists see many people that when asked by scientists and doctors to do what it will take to go back to normal they still refuse. The artists see you.

There’s a story about people on a boat. A guy decides to dig through the wood floor of his cabin. Water begins to flow in. Other passengers on the boat have a wide variety of reactions from being pissed to outright fear.

“But it’s my cabin”, the guy argues, “Why should it matter to you what I do in my cabin?”

Unfortunately for “the guy” personal choices can only go as far as when we’re all on the same boat.

The artist’s fear is that the same deniers who have refused to wear a mask to help keep everyone safe this year will likely do the same thing when it comes to taking a vaccine created by the worlds leading scientists and health experts.

With nearly 2 million letters sent, artists are still hoping Congress does the right thing and passes legislation that will #SaveOurStages. The truth is that while we wait for Congress, many venues are at risk of closing forever if they don’t get help today.

Here’s Save Our Stages video of Bozeman MT they would like you to check out. I guess it all helps...

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