April 2021 Cover Artist: Kurt Palmquist

Kurt Palmquist’s narrative is one of an emerging artist. A few years ago, after a career of corporate graphic design, Kurt dusted off his sketch book and began what has become a winding road that has led to some fantastic discoveries beginning with his fascination of the three-dimensional geometric form inspired by his lifelong passion for architecture and light. Through experimentation, he is discovering a constant evolution of space defined by simple shapes, color, composition and architectural environments that provide space and light and create compositions of depth and interest.

In the thick of it, Kurt experiences both frustration and freedom. So many years of striving and searching, observing and waiting, seeking that elusive creative inspiration. And now he finds an incredible release and an overwhelming flow of ideas, concepts and creations, all seeking their voice. Everything is an evolution that flows from his sculptures, he zooms in, seeing and creating dichotomies and differences all from the same piece. Energized, he moved from digital design to painting to photography, communicating the dynamics of angles, shapes and color.

Striving to find harmony through the forms he creates, their combinations and color palettes is critical. “I see as a whole or zero in on an area and find a composition within. I develop a visual language, that extends beyond any one piece and translate that language into a variety of mediums. Sometimes it sings, sometimes it mumbles. The shapes and forms combine to create spaces I can imagine walking through as if they were actual structures,” Kurt conveys.

He continues, “As much as I love creating art for myself, I really enjoy hearing and watching a viewer experiencing my work. Uncovering intricacies that are not evident at first, being surprised or struck by what they are seeing is a huge reward. I’m excited to continue to develop my craft; this is really just the beginning of my evolution.”

Kurt Palmquist is currently displaying an exhibit at the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture that he calls Emergence. His three-dimensional geometric forms are inspired by architecture and light. Each piece is intriguing when considered as a whole, but offers endlessly evolving compositions as you look deeper into the work. Careful use of forms and color create spaces that invite the imagination to enter and explore as if they were actual structures. This exhibit is on display through April 23, 2021 in the Emerson Lobby & Weaver Room Gallery. See all of Kurt’s work on his website https://www.kurtpalmquist.com