Top 10 Recreational Sports League in Bozeman

Christopher Dyrland-Marquis

Looking for some good, community-centric activities to fill your time in the near future and keep you active? Well, you’re in luck, because Bozeman offers a host of recreational leagues to choose from. Whether your golden days are ahead of you, or even behind you, take a look at some of the special organizations that make exercise an activity worth celebrating!

Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association
Whether you grew up running from hangry bears on arctic ice shelves, or have spent your life flinching when a cloud passes the sun, if you happen to feel a hankering for hockey, the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association has your back. While offering both youth and adult hockey programs, the nonprofit organization also operates a Learn to Skate program, boasting USFS-certified coaches and teachers to help learn the slippery art of ice skating. Visit their website and peruse the various programs they offer to find a fulfilling program that works for you, all at a reasonable price.

Bozeman Curling Club
Have you ever watched the sport of Curling during the Winter Olympics and thought you might like to try and do better? Or have you seen it before and honestly had no idea how it works? Well, for a mere $15, the good folks at the Bozeman Curling Club host Learn to Curl workshops designed to teach you exactly that. Whether you are an absolute beginner at sliding the heavy, granite stones towards the target (‘house’), or a seasoned Curling veteran, the Club provides specialized workshops to teach you more than you knew before. And, if you’d like to devote your time towards a more committed position, check out the adult league registrations they offer.

Bozeman Adult Soccer League
If you find yourself yearning to run across sunny spring fields, or correct others on the proper, European definition of “football,” you might be interested in joining Bozeman’s Adult Soccer League. Should you find yourself so inclined, be on the lookout for the organization’s 2022 Summer League Registration. The Adult Soccer League hosts a number of co-ed sporting matches for anyone 18 and over, with plenty of opportunities to get outside, enjoy some sunshine, and embrace your competitive spirit!

Bozeman Bowl Bowling League
For some, there’s nothing better than spending a Friday night on the bowling lanes, making friends, enjoying good food, and improving their bowling game. If this sounds like fun, you may be interested in keeping an eye out for one of several bowling leagues facilitated by The Bozeman Bowl. The bowling alley hosts multiple leagues to choose from, whether you’re interested in one for men, women, co-eds, kids, or seniors. If you enjoy time out on the town and wish to make it a lifestyle, try giving The Bozeman Bowl a shot.

Bozeman Lacrosse
Should you have children ages 6-19, Bozeman Lacrosse can offer positive team instruction to teach them the sport, and do so in an exciting, fulfilling manner. With both high school and youth programs available, the organization has something great for everyone, whether they are just beginning in the sport, or are looking to further improve their skills. Take a peek at the event calendar to see what sorts of matches may be held in the future, and be sure to check out the group’s website for more information.

Gallatin Valley Softball Association
Open to adults interested in a men’s, women’s, or co-ed league, the Gallatin Valley Softball Association offers recreational summer league softball seasons to enjoy, including district tournaments. Don’t miss an early March registration to stay active with 22 matches for their men’s league, and 12 each for the co-ed and women’s leagues. Additionally, if you are interested in trying your luck in a softball tournament, the association is currently recruiting for its 4th Annual Kickoff Tournament, a single-elimination bracket taking place from April 29th to May 1st.

Bozeman Adult Basketball Leagues
Anyone itching to shoot some hoops and dunk a basketball over their opponents (come on, I believe in you) may be pleased to hear that Bozeman Adult Basketball Leagues will be looking to fill their 3 on 3 Spring Leagues—running from April to May—with anyone over 18 who might be interested. With additional tournaments taking place at the beginning of April, Bozeman Adult Basketball Leagues may be a perfect place to impress bystanders, while making a few new friends!

Southwest Montana APA Pool League
Currently rescheduling APA League play until at least the end of April, the Southwest Montana APA Pool League hosts amateur 8-Ball and 9-Ball league games, as well as league tournaments to unleash your inner pool shark. With an equalizer handicap system, you can confidently strive to improve your pool game no matter your skill level, and win prizes along the way! Choose from six different divisions, and check out their website and scheduled events to make the most of ongoing, community-based matches.

Ballin in BozAngeles Volleyball Tournament
Nothing can feel better than slapping a volleyball to the ground past your adversary’s defense during the heat of competition. If you are over 18 and wish to try your luck at Overtime Sports Bozeman’s latest volleyball tournament, be sure to gather five of your co-ed friends and register before March 18th! Take a peek at the rules before you go; for more information on registration fees, regulations, and the bracket system that will be used, visit

Bridger Creek Golf Leagues
Those who enjoy golf around Bozeman know how fulfilling a match can be when practiced around the town’s stunning vistas. If you decide to try your hand at the game, you might consider joining Bridger Creek’s men’s or women’s golfing league. With a newcomer sign-up date beginning on March 14th, two-person teams can choose to play on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights for the men’s league, or Tuesday nights if the team joins the women’s league. If this sounds like fun, grab a partner and check out Bridger Creek’s website for more information about registration fees, tee times, and more.

This spring, there are many different sporting opportunities to dip your toes into! Whether or not you have any experience in a particular discipline, Bozeman offers a wide selection of recreational sports that can help to develop interpersonal skills, give us new perspectives of our community, and get us out into the world to enjoy each other’s company. With many constructive options worth pursuing, here’s hoping that this month brings us a bit of excitement, a bit of joy, and a healthy dose of exercise!

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