Lost Sounds Montana is excited to announce the release of their latest compilation of archival Montana music:

Without Warning: Early Montana Punk, Postpunk, New Wave, & Hardcore 1979-1991

Without Warning is an overview, compiling over the course of 24 tracks more than a decade’s worth of previously unknown music that was inspired by several distinct musical developments—New Wave reaching the American masses; Punk morphing into Hardcore; Postpunk emerging from the formal break with both Rock and Punk; and the post-1985 shift toward a more commercially-viable notion of Indie Rock.

This album is available in Bozeman at The Wax Museum, and Cactus Records, and online at the Lost Sounds Montana Bandcamp.

Lost Sounds Montana’s mission is to preserve, archive, showcase and make accessible the music and associated history of Montana across the decades. Without Warning is our third release and our second double LP compilation. Our first compilation project chronicled 1960s Montana garage bands.

All proceeds help us further our mission and allow for us to continue releasing forgotten and under-appreciated music from Montana’s analog era.

Without Warning features early recordings of Steve Albini (Just Ducky), Jeff Ament (Deranged Diction), Reggie Watts (Autumn Asylum), alongside rare recordings of Silkworm, Steel Pole Bath Tub, and more!!

The bands:
Autumn Asylum, The Banned, Beat Nothings, Boy Toast, Circle 7, Dashing catholics, Deranged Diction, The Details, Donovan’s Brain, Ein Heit, ErnstErnst, Just Ducky, Panache, The Pugs, Rust & Smuts, Sheryl & The Spineless Yes Men, Silkworm, Steel Pole Bath Tub, Surfer Ruth, Who Killed Society.

There are many notable Bozeman bands on this release including: The Pugs (Montana’s 1st punk band!), Beat Nothings (ft. Kels from Wax Museum), Dashing catholics (ft. Jim Kehoe from KGLT), Donovan’s Brain (Ron Sanchez from KGLT), Panache (Pre-Steel Pole Bath Tub), Sheryl & The Spineless Yes-Men (ft. Joe Howard aka Joe Skyward), Steel Pole Bath Tub - (toured with Nirvana, Melvins etc.) - Dale Flattum from Steel Pole Bath Tub designed the cover art for this release.