A Ship of Fools is Sailing to Bozeman

String and Shadow, a wildly creative, multi-disciplinary theatre troupe from Olympia, Washington, will be performing Ship of Fools: A Giant Puppet Odyssey at 6:30 pm Friday and Saturday, August 11th and 12th on the Emerson Center’s west lawn.

String and Shadow is known for original shows featuring giant handmade puppets. Using papier-mâché, cardboard, bamboo and cloth (among many other found & recycled materials), they create truly incredible enormous puppets, masks and props, then weave them into spectacular performances for all ages. 

Each year, String and Shadow creates and tours with a new original show. In this year’s show, three mimes set sail from the Port of Styx across the mythical boundary waters connecting the world of the living to the underworld. Aboard a mysteriously sentient ship, they encounter a world of beautiful and strange creatures: hermit crabs carrying houses on their backs, a ghostly humpback whale, and much more. Under layers of colorful fabric and dancing cardboard, Ship of Fools deals with themes of loss and acceptance, depicts a wondrous unknown, and speaks to the power of friendship and love. It is brought to life by three mimes, three musicians, and six puppeteers.

Thanks to support from Random Acts of Silliness and local business sponsor Williams Plumbing, this show will be FREE to the community. No advance reservations are required, but seating on the Emerson’s west lawn will be first come, first served. Those who wish to learn more or donate to offset the costs of this program can do so at RandomActsofSilliness.com