406 Brewing: Get Out Of Town For A Nice Cold Drink At The Perfect Summer Venue

Sydney Jones

If you’re new to town, you may not be familiar with the name 406 Brewing, but for locals and longtime residents, the name is all too familiar in the best of ways. Remembered as a great place to grab a cold beer in a comfortable and lively atmosphere, 406 Brewing has recently reopened its doors to the public, a long-awaited moment for many people. This brewery is the epitome of a Montana good time, and co-owners/brothers John and Matt Muth found the perfect spot to bring their vision to life. Stop in and check out their new venue, where the beer and conversation flow easily. A larger tasting room and even more space to brew allows guests to get reacquainted with old friends as they refamiliarize their taste buds with brews from the past, as well as sample new flavors.

The new Manhattan-based location is a refreshing take on the Bozeman beer scene. Just a short and beautiful drive from the old unit in the Cannery District, 406 Brewing has found its place in the valley. Taking a quick detour just outside of town gives locals and out-of-towners a chance to try something different. Don’t let their new spot fool you; they held on to plenty of the same items that really made this brewery stand out from the crowd. With their beautiful wood tables, accent pieces, chairs, and ambiance, it’s as if they never closed their doors. While they are rocking a brand new logo, they held on to plenty of the same great beers for their taps. For example, the Peach Wheat is just as refreshing as the previously poured White Peach Wheat (a small change was made due to supply issues). Their Berliner Weisse Sour and Totes Ma Oates Double I.P.A have certainly made the rounds as notable fan favorites, brought back from the past. Currently, they’re offering 12 delicious and unique beers on draught, ready to be enjoyed, with even more options in store.

Their new sign stands out against the bright Montana Sky with the perfect pop of red; spelling out 406 Brewing and Taproom above an open garage door. Here, interior seating blends with an outdoor patio that grabs the attention of anyone driving by. A beautiful view of the mountains pairs nicely with the low volume music playing in all different styles, filling the space with a relaxing vibe. With cozy fireplaces available for those chilly spring or summer evenings, it’s a great place to start the evening and end the night. Not to mention the dogs that lay spattered about the concrete. They bask in the sunshine and enjoy their own drink from stainless steel bowls laid out for them. Now holding a beer/wine license, 406 Brewing is not restricted by the 48 ounce limit that regular breweries have, meaning patrons and their pups can drink throughout the day and into the evening. This new licensing also allows for later hours, and 406 Brewing has taken advantage of that opportunity. Keeping their doors open until 10pm every night, they are not required to stop pouring drinks at 8 pm, meaning guests can sip a beer and watch the summer sun set.

That’s not all for the reopening: with new craft beers like the delicious-sounding Double Red and a Belgian Pale Ale on the way, 406 brewing is back with a bang. Currently hosting Trivia Tuesdays, they’re also looking forward to adding pool tables, more games, musical guests, and rotating food vendors in the near future. The use of their new license includes the sale of wines and hard kombucha for those non-beer drinkers who want to share in the fun. It really is the spot for anyone and everyone to come in and have a cold drink after a long day of work, or a weekend full of outdoor activities.

Having already hosted a great lineup of artists like Mike Beck and Jacob Rountree, the brewery and taproom are continuing to book plenty of good times for the summer season. June 6th they’ll be hosting the jam rock band: Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons as part of their Mouthful of Copper tour. They’ll be rocking out at 406 Brewing that Thursday from 7pm to 11pm. With entrance priced at only $25 each, they are sure to put on an awesome show. Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to snag some now and guarantee your spot before they’re gone. In another show of community support, John and Matt have adorned their walls with the work of local artists, an important theme at their previous location. You can admire, and even purchase, some beautiful art made right here in the state. Bearing true to the 406 name, the food vendors will also be local operations, small and large, allowing small businesses a new place to share their creations with others.

The reopening of 406 Brewing is an important occurrence in the Gallatin Valley. Plenty of nods to the name exist throughout the brewery, like the max occupancy and the suite number, both 406. More than these fine details is the fact that they truly live up to the use of the Montana area code. With their strong display of local support, the brewery brings a sense of community with it. In return, they are supported by community locals. Although they faced a temporary closure, seeing their doors open again reminds all small business owners that a solid foundation and local love and connections can keep a solid business going, even in the face of hard times. Most of all, says Matt, they are just glad to be back, seeing everyone’s smiling faces, enjoying the beer they love to make.   

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