Joseph Running Crane

"At twenty-six years old, and representing a completely new generation of
Americana musicians, Joseph Running Crane is already a seasoned veteran of the
Missoula music scene, having played in some of the state’s most-respected hardcore
bands. Running Crane made a name for himself playing guitar and bass in what
might be the best-named band ever to come out of Montana: Goddammitboyhowdy.
Lately, however, he has softened his delivery into a distinctive Americana country
sound. Joseph was weaned on punk rock and hard-core, a huge fan of The
Minutemen and The Dead Kennedys since practically grade school. He grew up in
Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation, and his early influences were
loud, heavy, and hard rock. Still, his recent songs have taken on a more wistful tone
and use an acoustic sound far removed from the angsty and frenetic electric punk
sound." -Aaron Parrett, Montana Americana Music: Boot Stomping In The Big Sky.

Cost: $10

Age: all ages


This event is over.

Sun. Aug. 4, 2019   7pm

Norris Hot Springs
Rr 84
Norris, MT 59745
(406) 685-3303